Friday, September 7, 2012

goodies : mustard

Hi y'all! We made it to Friday! YAY! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for a week well done. Unless you're at work and people around you might think you're a weirdo. In that case, just give yourself a mental pat on the back. ;) We've had two very busy weeks lately and I'm hoping that by next week, things slow down just a bit. At least enough for me to get groceries. I don't think I've ever been too busy to go buy groceries until this week. Good golly!

Anyway, when I was growing up, my grandmother always dressed me in yellows and greens. She thought they looked best with my red hair. I remember desperately wanting to wear pink and here she'd come with a green dress. But really, she was right. I do look much better wearing yellow than I do wear pink. And you might think that with being forced to wear yellow and green all the time, I'd get tired of the colors. Not so much. Yellow is still one of my favorite colors and I really love it in just about every shade. 

But today, I wanted to share some mustard yellow goodies with you:

I love everything about this. The font. The saying. The color. It's wonderful!

So darling. I realized recently that I only have the boring throw pillows that came with our furniture. How dull can I be??? Remedying this is going on my to-do list. Prontisimo! (PS - prontisimo may not be a real word, I have no idea, but I say it often and find it funny that the auto-correct on my computer wants to change it to prostitution. You don't know what you're saying auto-correct, you just don't know.)

I am a lover of necklaces. They are definitely my go-to jewelry item, besides my watch and wedding ring. And I love pieces like this that you can really wear with just about anything and any color. 

This is a cool little number. 

Again... a necklace. Because, I might be a little obsessed with necklaces. 

This is gorgeous! I don't own an infinity scarf at all.... yet!

How darling are these little flowers? And the little whimsy in me also things they look like balloons. 

A gorgeous silk wrap shirt? Well, if you insist. 

I've seen lots of variations of this design on Etsy. They never get old. And they never go out of style. 

I ♥ these! I don't buy shoes over the internet (every time I have, it hasn't worked out), but my oh my, do I love these!

I can make these now! Well, not fabric flower necklaces, but fabric flowers I can! This necklace is beautiful. And yes... I want it too. 

When you can finally tear your eyes away from that darling little baby, you discover the most darling little cap. I just love it!

What a sweet dress!

I just adore VW vans. I just want to hop in one and go on an amazing road trip with a few girlfriends. Who's with me???

Mustard is definitely my favorite shade of yellow. What do you think? Or do you steer clear of the color all together?

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  1. Beautiful mustardy finds! Thank you so much for having my necklace on your lovely blog!

  2. Such an awesome collection... I'm absolutely digging yellow right now too! :)

  3. (I also totally wish those shoes were in my size!)

    1. Me too!! I think I'd be tempted to purchase them if they were. ;)

  4. This is just darling! Thank you so much for including my billy button pillow in your beautiful yellow finds! I must say it's one of my favorite colors too - I'd like one of each please! :)

    1. Oh you're welcome, it's adorable! Stop by again anytime! :)

  5. Fabulous choices! Thanks so much for featuring my infinity scarf :)

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for having my necklace on your blog!!

  7. Fantastic finds!! Love them all :)

  8. Mustard (along with cobalt blue) has been my color of choice for the past few months!! I could just cobble them up....which makes no sense I no but I heart them that much. Let's see I'll take that pillow, that necklace, those shoes....yep just give it to me all!

  9. Okay yeah that definately didn't make sense bc what I meant was I could "gobble" them up not "cobble" ....let's just forget I said anythign at all!

  10. My oldest daughter is a redhead and looks gorgeous in fall colors! Me, not so much. :) LOVE your finds especially that silk wrap top...beautiful!

    1. Thanks!! I bet she does, that silk wrap would probably look lovely on her. :)

  11. When I was a teenager in the early 1960's I painted my room mustard and olive green. My favorite at the time.



  12. Great item selection! I love this color.

    Great post! I am a follower from Etsy. I am a follower from Etsy.
    Please visit and enter the Giveaway on my blog:

    Thank you,

    Ali =)

  13. Well, Regina, your blog is aptly named because it is just delightful!! I'm stopping by from Ashley's Carnival Ride. And, I"m with you on the mustard yellow color, love, love it! And, with my auburn hair, it's a win, win! Nice to meet you and I'll sure be back!


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