Monday, September 10, 2012

fundraiser : adoption bracelets

Hi y'all! I've got a little something new for you in this post. I'm introducing one of the projects I've been working on lately : adoption bracelets. 

Many of you know, BB's parents' rights were terminated last month in the hearing, and after a waiting process, his case will be moved to adoption and we will begin the process of adopting him. Fortunately, when you're foster parents, the expense is not as great as if you were just straight adopting a child through an adoption agency. However, the expense is still something that is a little out of the means of Joey and I. We have to pay our attorney the fees for the work she's done so far in BB's hearing, but we also have to pay for the adoption, and any other fees that might come up in the process. It's not drastic, and not as bad as it could be. So I'm thankful for that. Since our house in Levelland (that we haven't lived in in over a year now) still has not sold (or been rented yet), I decided to make some bracelets to sell to help supplement our savings to pay for all these extra expenses. 

And here they are: 

The colors are white and lavender, which are the awareness colors for adoption and foster-parenting. The beads are super sparkly, and very pretty rondelles. Toggle clasps hold everything together. And the bracelets can be purchased in three different sizes in my Etsy shop, Live Delightfully. You can purchase small, medium or large bracelets, OR if none of those work, I would be happy to make your own bracelet in the size you need. 

The bracelets are $15 each and shipping is free. If you aren't able to purchase a bracelet, please help me by posting this wherever you can and at least bring awareness to this fundraiser. 

And if bracelets aren't your thing, look around at the other items in my shop. Right now, most of the profits from Etsy sales will go toward our adoption fund. :) 

Thank you so much! Really. Joey, BB, and I really, truly thank you. ♥


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