Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fashion : fly away blackbird

Hi y'all! Happy Wednesday! Working from home has it's perks. Well... a lot of perks actually. No commute, no annoying co-workers interrupting you, I get to (for the most part) set my own hours, and yes, I get to work in my pajamas. But as much as that last one is a perk, it's also one of the negatives. I never get to wear any cute office clothes, except for the one or two times I'm in the office each year. But there's a possibility that might be changing and I might be doing some traveling for work, which has got me daydreaming about dress pants, shirts that aren't t-shirts, and nice shoes. And so... here's a post that's inspired by a gorgeous photograph, and my own fashion daydreams. 

First, the photograph : 

{ image source : Carolyn Cochrane }

And now, the fashion : 

Fly away bird...

I absolutely love the teal and chartreuse color combo. And then those wedges... LOVE them! This would be the perfect outfit for presenting at my seminar, while still being comfy and stylish. Yes, working from home has it perks, but getting to work outside of the home, has a few as well. 


  1. Cute pics! Love the color scheme.

  2. So cute -- love the inspiration photo too!

  3. I love everything about that whole dang outfit! I am soooooo jealous though of your working from home probably because all this week I have had the worst commutes ever! I guess I can see the perk of work clothes but at the same time I feel like I NEVER have anything to wear and I hate spending money on something that isn't versatile for both in and out of the office. Sigh....I guess everything has its plusses {plusses? is that how you spell it??) and minuses!

  4. I wish I could work from home! That entire outfit is gorgeous I love the colors!

  5. i feel like i should try a little harder with my at home clothes - i miss dressing up for work sometimes. this is such a pretty outfit - love those colors together!

  6. How great that you can work from home. I love the outfit, makes such a statement and I can only imagine those colors working really well for you. Blessings!

  7. i have a suggestion lets swap jobs for awhile so i can stay at home be in my pjs and you can wear my dress, blazer and heels that i am wearing today. oh and you have to report by 9am and you leave at 5pm so you get paid for your lunch hour whatever you do even if you need a nap and you take on in your car, which i frequently do :-)

  8. The colors are gorgeous! LOVE the brooch.
    I would kill myself on the shoes but HEY! If you can walk on them - more power to you and they are beautiful.



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