Monday, August 13, 2012

weekly loves : in review

Hi y'all! I didn't get a chance last week to do my weekly loves post, so I'm starting off the week with it instead. Some of these hit me last week, some this weekend, and some this morning. 

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♥ I love Downton Abbey! Does anyone else watch this show? I've been hearing about it for a while now, and had it in my Instant Que on Netflix, and I finally took the time to watch the first season a couple weeks ago. I LOVE IT! I was so disappointed the 2nd season wasn't on Netflix as well, so I'm contemplating doing the free trial of Hulu Plus, or maybe just purchasing the seasons... 
I love the exchanges and instant rivalry between Violet and Isobel. I love Anna and want her and Mr. Bates to be together. Mary is a wretched sister! I know some people love her independence, but you can be independent without being so hateful and spiteful to your sisters. I don't want her to end up with Matthew, but I have a feeling she does anyway. I want Thomas to get his "come-uppits". And mostly, I just LOVE the setting! Gorgeous! 

♥ I love cool, gray mornings when it's sprinkling outside. 

♥ I love when both boys are asleep and I have enough energy to get things done. 

♥ I love this book! I've read through (most of it) twice now, and I'm currently re-reading it again, but doing so more in-depth as I'm preparing to facilitate a Ladies' Class at church using this book. It's such a wonderful book and definitely changed my life and my perspective on things. 

♥ I love Sunday afternoon naps. Although, I've about decided that naps aren't nearly as important as being productive. Except when you don't have the energy to focus on anything. In that case, naps it is!

♥ I love these little feet. And the little boy they are attached to. He smiles at me all the time now, when I start talking to him. He may not be able to control his head or sit up, but he knows who his momma is and I absolutely love that. He also smiles at daddy and at big brother. It's seriously the cutest thing and I hope and pray that no court separates these two. 

♥ I love that the big brother in our house is such a good big brother. He has reached that age where he wants to help with things now. He can throw things in the trash if you ask him. He can throw things in the trash if you don't ask him. Things like shoes, clothes, toothbrushes, sippy cups, pacifiers. And we've been missing a bottle now for a couple of weeks and I've pretty much decided that it met an untimely demise in our trash can. He will stand in front of the dryer and if I hand him clothes from the washer he will put them in the dryer for me. He's darling, I just love him!

♥ I love Mondays because it's a new week, full of fresh, new possibilities. And this week, it means we get to count down to not only the weekend, but Joey's parents coming down this weekend! YAY! So excited to introduce McCrae to his Granny and Grandpa!

I know it's only Monday, but what do you love right now?


  1. Ooh a grey, sprinkling morning is what we are having here today! I'm loving Starbucks iced chai teas (way more than I should that place cost like a leg and an arm for just a drink!)

  2. I love coming home from work and putting my feet up!

    Sita xoxo

  3. oh, dowton abbey... I had doubts at first, but after seeing the pilot I knew I was gonna love it! I can't wait for the new season!


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