Friday, August 3, 2012

me : weekly loves

 Hi y'all! What a week! Could it be any hotter!!??!! Okay, I know it actually could, but man, this heat is killing me. It's zapping all of my energy for anything... cleaning, working, crafting, eating right, everything. I just want to lay around in the air conditioned house and watch TV. But, this weekend I'm going to recharge and I'm determined to get some things done that I've been putting off. Hoo-rah! 

Well, that "hoo-rah" took all the energy I had so I'll just get to the rest of that later... for now: 

♥ I love spending a little while each morning on my patio. I usually take BB with me and he eats his breakfast (oatmeal, always oatmeal), and then plays around on the patio and in the dirt next to the patio. It's a wonderful time of day because it's cool and peaceful outside, and I love getting to read my Bible, blog, or work on my real (aka paid) job while sitting outside and enjoying it. 

♥ I love how excited BB is to take baths now. We promoted him this week from his blue baby bath tub to our full size bath tub. He spins, twists, turns, crawls, splashes, lays down and even puts his face in the water. I've never seen a kid so young and not used to that, put their face in the water so eagerly. I think he's going to be a swimmer. 2030 Olympics, here we come! I really wish I could share pictures.... stupid privacy laws!! The only problems with him loving the bath so much is getting him OUT of the bath and how I now have to spell b-a-t-h or it's instant bath time. Last night I was going to do some things before giving him a bath and while I was giving Joey the breakdown of the evening, I said "bath" out loud. BB heard it and started saying "bath" and heading that direction. I guess we're going to be spellers for a w-h-i-l-e. 

| image source : Made |
♥ I love this blog. Seriously. Dana's blog is one of my top 5 favorite blogs to read. She has more sewing skills in her pinky than I do in my entire body, but I'm hoping to start some of her tutorials soon. Along with sewing, she also blogs crafts, recipes and just down-home, everyday goodness that makes me want to be a better blogger, and even better person. I also have put her books on my Christmas list. (Any family members reading this, tell Joey!) Go add Dana to your reading list, you won't be sorry. 

♥ I love BB's waddle walk. He's getting so good so fast. He's even trying to run now, uh oh. One of the Mexican restaurants in town has a lady that works there with a little girl about 5 months younger than BB, but she's already walking. When we go eat, we let him down and they just waddle walk around each other like two little old people. So cute!

| image source : hayleykayarts |
♥ I love these shoes! Some people may think that Harry Potter mania is over since all of the movies are out. Not so for this fan. And I love these shoes!

♥ I love that football season starts this month! In fact, two-a-days start next week and my dear husband, who so generously gives of his time, is making a huge sacrifice to help coach football at our local high school. What a giver he is!! 
Who are we kidding, when we interviewed for this job and he was told he'd get to help with the football stuff, his little football-lovin' heart went pitter-patter! This year there has been several coaching changes, so Joey is getting to do even more actual coaching this year than he did last year. To say he's excited would be an understatement. ;)

And yes, while I do love football, I'm more excited about football season because that means it's FALL! Glorious, lovely FALL!!! Halleluyer! And with fall, means all my fall decor can come out. Which should include these:

| image source : prettyfickle |
Be still my beating heart! I think we're all looking forward to fall, and with the temps this week over 100 every day... fall could not look better!

What do you love this week?


  1. I'm with you on Dana's blog - even tho I can' sew I love looking at her photography. And I"m so excited about football too - Sundays just aren't the same without it!

  2. Hmmmm~

    I can't agree with the football, never cared much about the game. Baseball is more my thing.

    I love being able to do a lot of cooking with my daughter.



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