Tuesday, August 14, 2012

me : evening music

He in the tub. I sitting next to it, book in hand. I've washed his hair, scrubbed his body, played with the new little water bug toy that he hasn't decided he likes yet. And now we're going through the colors and shapes of the toys in the tub. He says "circle" and "purple" and "orange" and "star" and "ball". Although the only one he actually knows is ball. But he's great at mimicking. Such a scary thought!

We talk about water, and there's always the duck and how it "quack quack quack"s all around the tub. I ask him about his day, did he have fun? Was it a good day? Did he have fun playing with Maddie (our mini-nanny)? He says "yeah"! He always says "yeah". 

He holds up his index finger and says some jibberish that is very important. I have no idea what it is, but I listen very intently. I nod my head in agreement, prod him on to keep going. He doesn't need the prodding. He gets louder. He repeats his "sentences". He's got a lot to say. And I just listen. 

In the background I hear Daddy wrestling with the wee one who is being extra fussy today. For no other reason than he's just growing, and with growing comes those days where he just wants to eat and eat and eat. Daddy gives him a bath and fixes him a new bottle to the tune of constant crying, almost wailing. 

Cries of hunger. Jibberish in the bathtub. This is the music of our evenings. 

Sometimes it doesn't feel like we're parents. It's hard to believe that we are. Maybe it's the fact that there was no pregnancy to prep us, I don't know. Maybe it's because I just feel so.... young. How can I be old enough for this? Old enough to be the voice for a duck? Old enough to get up at nights for crying little ones? Old enough to be responsible for these two tiny humans?!? 

But I am old enough. 

I am a parent. 

I am responsible for the molding of these two boys, these two hearts. Who will one day grow up and be much too big for me to sit next to the bath tub with a book in hand, listening to the jibberish of their day. 

I just hope that no matter how big they get, they know that I'll listen to them, whatever it is they have to say.

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  1. Beautiful post :-)


  2. Yes... precious little voices. :)

  3. being a parent is something God births in your heart, not just in your body. And you are blessed.

  4. I love that you are so into this now and not looking back feeling like you didn't.


  5. Thanks everyone!!! It's a fun time, he loves it, it's entertaining to me. And I'm also glad that it's the end of the day and soon both boys will be in bed and I can have my own "me-time". :)


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