Thursday, August 2, 2012

If Social Media Had Olympics

Hi y'all! Are y'all as hooked on the Olympics as I am? Seriously. How am I supposed to get anything done with all these great events going on all the time? I have some favorites: diving, swimming, beach volleyball, basketball, indoor volleyball, track and field. And I have some that I don't care about: cycling, men's gymnastics, shooting (is that what it's called? see, I don't even know what it's called). I've been glad that I work from home this week, so I can work from the living room if some event is on that I really want to see. I definitely have Olympic Fever!! Which got me to thinking... (uh oh...) what if Social Media had its own Olympics? And so... I present to you:

Pinterest Relay - You know how Pinterest is: You pin something. Several other people pin the same thing. People post the pin on their blogs. They tweet about it. Next thing you know, that pin has gone all over, across the web, from one person to the next.... just like a relay. 

Twitter Dash - Whatever you have to tweet, tweet it fast. Because if you wait at all, the time is up and your tweet is invalid. Tweeting during a show? Get that tweet out as soon as you think it. Tweeting about an event? Do it before it's old news. Things only trend for so long on Twitter, if you aren't quick to get it tweeted, you might as well save it for table talk with your husband over dinner. 

Facebook Freestyle - Short statuses. Long Statuses. Political statuses. Movie reviews. Birth announcements. Pictures of your lunch. Pictures of your kid's paper cut. Updates on your cold. Photos upon photos upon photos of things you think are funny. Items you're selling. Things you like. Anything goes. Anything at all. On Facebook, it's not about what you post, it's about how many likes and comments you can get. 

Tumblr Gymnastics - You blog. You post pictures. Just try to stick the landings. I think the name is explanatory enough. 

Google Plus Hurdles - You try to be consistent. You try to build up your profile and circles. But you're so used to Facebook. It's a hurdle. You try to get your statuses updated often. But it's not Twitter. Another hurdle. Let's face it, Google+ has it's perks. But there are just way to many hurdles to get over right now, there's no smooth running about it. 

Blog Sharp Shooting - Hit your target audience, hit it consistently, and you are on your way!

Instagram High Dive - Pictures of your nails, your food, your dog, your shoes, the sky, the grass, your drink, your kid. You post pictures all the time. Sometimes you get lots of likes and comments, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you make a big splash, sometimes you don't. Although in this case, you want to make a big splash. Haven't you seen the #instafamous posts?

Okay, so of course, this isn't really the Olympics. But just like some Olympic events are exciting, and some are dull, so are different social media outlets. Remember when everyone was asking for invites to join Pinterest? Remember when Facebook opened it's "doors" to everyone, not just college students? Remember Myspace? Yeah, we've almost completely forgotten about that last one. 

Are there any other events you could come up with?

Which ones would you "get gold" in? 

And because I do have Olympic Fever... GO TEAM USA!! :D

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