Monday, August 6, 2012

goodies : hot air balloons

Hi y'all! I've always loved hot air balloons and have wanted to ride in one ever since watching The Wizard of Oz. Although the scene where the wizard flies away without Dorothy, always upset me. How was she going to get home!? He had agreed to take her!! Oh me, oh my!

And then I wanted to fly in a hot air balloon over New York City (or any city really) and drop thousands of paper hearts down on the people below, like they did at the end of "It Could Happen To You". Siiiiigh... how romantical! I've also got "go see the hot air balloon festival in albuquerque" on my list of things to do. 

Anyone else love hot air balloons like I do? I'm sure lots of people do, because it's really easy to find hot air balloon-themed things and photos all over. Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy: 

| image source : PrettyPetalStudio |

I just love all the pretty colors of balloons. Like beautiful, flying quilts. So lovely!

| image source : SweetLollipopShop |
These would be so fun for a balloon-themed party/shower.

| image source : tweetheartwallart |
So sweet. Available in tons of colors! 

| image source : majalin |
This looks like it is write out of a book. A wonderful book. About freedom, possibilities, and learning to just go with it. 

| image source : bomobob |
Beautiful colors pop against a turquoise sky. 

| image source : SusannahTucker |
These would be fun in a child's room, or even in a cubicle. If I worked in a cubicle, I'd want something like this to look at all the time. 

| image source : ThreeSistersAShop |
I love the colors. So romantic!

| image source : KandyDisenos |
Cute and fun! When I see cute and fun necklaces like this, I always think of my friend Amanda. Not sure why... maybe because she's cute and fun. Maybe because she wears necklaces a lot. I dunno, but I do! 

How sweet! Makes me want a little girl to dress up!

| image source : AdaFashion |
Very pretty! I love this!

| image source : CrawlSpaceStudios |
How darling! Seriously!? Where is my little girl to dress up?

| image source : WildWildernessPhoto |
I'm a big fan of bokeh, and this pink photograph just warms my heart. 

| image source : Jewelmint |
One of my favorite color combinations of all time. Cream, coral and aqua. 

| image source : HushHoneyCollective |
Isn't this amazing?! Very beautiful and whimsical! 

Oh hot air balloons. 

I really think I would be a nervous wreck if I were going in one. I'm afraid of heights. Well, not so much heights, but the fear of falling headfirst, splat into the ground is what gets me. But, I'd still like to try and conquer my fears one day. And just looking at these lovely items, inspires me to really try it. They look so harmless and friendly, how could I be scared of them right? 

Ride in a hot air balloon is definitely on my bucket list!

What is one of the items on your bucket list?


  1. Wow, Regina, such beautiful pictures of hot air balloon-themed items! LOL, I'm 36, but that mobile is spectacular. I would get that for me! I also love pink, coral, and aqua! Let's see... something on my bucket list? To see a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure (he was an architect) in person... like Falling Water (a house he designed with a waterfall!)

    Great, NOW I think I'm going to create a hot air balloon ACEO :) Should be fun! I remember in high school, one landed in our field randomely... that was a fun day!

  2. I love all the balloon themed items! There's a place here in Vegas where you can go for a balloon ride, and even eat dinner up there... I still have yet to go though.

  3. I love the images! I went on a hot air balloon ride in Maine last month. It was for my 21st birthday and I loved it. I'd definitely do it again and I suggest you try it. You'll love it!


  4. I love all of your image choices. Especially the wall decals.

    I am afraid of heights also BUT if I were YOU I would definitely put this on your "bucket list". You HAVE to try it.


  5. Hello!! Thanks so much for including one of my necklaces in this amazing post!!! :D

  6. wonderful choices! a hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list too, along with white water rafting and getting my motorcycle license.

  7. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful collection of hot air balloon treasures. I adore your knack for style!

    Thanks for including my hot air balloon onesie.

    Maggie from Lily Cole Designs ;-)

  8. Thank you so much for featuring our wall decals! Lovely blog :)

    Sunny from TweetHeart Custom Wall Decals

  9. I love hot air balloons too! Although I don't think I could ever convince myseylf to float around in a balloon thousands of miles in the air..LOL I've been wanting to do a hot air balloon invite for awhile now so thanks for re-inspiring me!

  10. This is an amazing post, thrilled to be included, thank you! I agree, totally LOVE hot air balloons, and oh my, I love your idea of floating over a city and dropping tiny paper hearts ~ gorgeous!
    Susannah x


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