Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goodies : for the kids

Hi y'all! I think an alternate title for this post would be, "I LOVE DINOSAUR BUTTS!!!" 

But I thought that a little much for some.

Having two little boys at home, one, who has so gracefully cannon-balled into the toddler years, is exhausting. But it's also a lot of fun. BB is walking, climbing, opening and shutting doors, talking, and just an active little boy. It's fun watching him discover new things and learning more and more every day. I love that he isn't that interested in TV. We've even tried watching some kid movies with him and they only hold his interest for a little while, then he's ready to get back to playing. That's wonderful, and I hope he keeps that up.

Keep playing, keep that wonder, use that imagination, little one, your childhood will be much better if you do.

Right now, his favorite toys are balls and anything that has wheels. But eventually, I know his interests will change as he does, and when they do, I've found some wonderful children's items on Etsy that I look forward to getting him one day. Have you seen all of the awesome things the wonderful people on Etsy have to offer??

Here are some of my favorites : 

I seriously love these! They are so cute and fun! I'm hoping he eventually enters a dinosaur phase so I can buy these for our fridge. 

I love all the different shaped crayons available on Etsy. I already bought him so lego robot crayons, but I might have jumped the gun a bit and bought them for him when he was too young. He was more interested in eating them, than coloring. But eventually, he'll start coloring more and these are definitely on my list for when that happens. 

Also essential when it comes time for the coloring phase, crayon rolls. When we had our older set of foster children I remember packing coloring books and a box of crayons for them for church. It was great! Except for one thing, how noisy they could be with that box. This is so much better than a box. It'e quite, more compact, AND small enough that both kids could have had one. Lesson learned. When BB and M get old enough, they're getting one of these. Although, probably not in pink... ;) 

I love cute toys. I love educational toys. This covers both of those bases equally. An adorable tree with detachable apples for when BB is counting and learning basic math skills. Oh he's going to be so smart... :D

This book also covers both of the above-mentioned bases. Education and cute. And it is also quiet. I'm definitely looking into making something like this for BB. He loves books, and definitely needs some new ones in his toy pile at church. 

What an adorable pouch! Seriously, it makes me smile every time I look at it!

Okay... at first I thought this was a back pack and was completely smitten with it. Then I realized it was a lunch bag. But that's okay... still smitten! How cute is this!?!?

I'm a fan of puppets and puppet shows. I think it's great for kids to use their imaginations to come up with their own story lines. 

Oh the hours of fun a kid would have, dreaming up all the magic they'd do with one of these babies!

And what kid wouldn't want their own tent? I'm already thinking that BB is going to be a kid that loves building forts, having hidey-holes, and secret spaces. He loves getting under one of my office work tables, and pushing my bins around to hide him. And he loves crawling in the small space between the couches and playing underneath the end table. I think a tent will definitely be something of interest to him in a couple of years. 

Aren't those great?!? And even if you don't have kids of your own, I'm sure nieces, nephews, cousins, and kids around you would love any of these awesome toys!!

I remember using my imagination a lot when I was a kid. The propane tank outside was everything from a mighty war horse, to a submarine, to a pirate ship! The large garden at my grandparents' was a magic forest. And my closet was a transporter. I'm definitely looking forward to encouraging imaginative play with BB and M! 

I think some of my favorite toys were my kitchen set, my Talimena doll (that was her name because my grandpa found her on Talimena Drive and brought her home to me), and the great outdoors!

What were your favorite toys as a child?


  1. I've been OBSESSED with those spray painted dinosaurs and animals that everyones been doing! Really, without kids nor a Tyrannosaurus theme running through my house I can't find a reason to do them but I still heart them!

  2. Regina,
    So many cute toys! I love the apple tree-may just have to make one of those :)
    So happy for you and your little family.

    1. Too bad that's an artist's finished work up there and not a tutorial! ;)

    2. You could also visit the artist's Etsy shop and support her work instead!!

  3. Thanks for the feature Regina- I love the dinosaur butts and heads too!

  4. Thanks for the feature! A lovely collection! I love boys, although some girly stuff could be fun too :)

  5. My favorite is the tent cause all kids love to play under stuff. My brother and I put a blanket over a card table. When we were under that - the rest of the world disappeared.
    BB would probably like those roll up chalkboards that Bamcraftymommas sells in CAST. You can take them in the car also.

  6. Glad to hear that someone likes one of my tents. See this one and more at We ship Priority Mail to the U.S. and love send Birthday gifts. We also have a growing collection of hobby horses and mini ponies to complement your teepee.

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I've got kids and toys on the brain!! It's been fun looking through all the fun items on Etsy. Feel free to share your own links to favorite handmade toys. :)

  8. Replies
    1. You can follow any way you wish. There are several options in the side bar on the left-hand side. :) Welcome!! :)

  9. Thanks so much for including our Zebra Lunch Bag! Your blog is super-cute!!

    P.S. We also offer a coordinating Zebra Backpack! :)


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