Friday, August 10, 2012

fashion : rhinestone cowgirl

Hi y'all! And happy Friday! Seriously, what a week! One of my programs that I work with online started their semester this week so I've been busy making orientation calls for them. We've had several visits with various people for the foster kiddos: caseworkers, ECI, occupational therapists, etc. It's just been a busy week. But thankfully, it's Friday, and I'm hoping Joey and I can go on a date either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Let's all cross our fingers that we find a sitter. Or if you live nearby and want to babysit two darling little boys, let me know. ;) 

Many of you know, I grew up in a small town. Actually, small town doesn't even accurately describe it. It's a tiny community, really. And I grew up around older people. I was mostly raised by my grandparents, a lot of the people in our community were older people, I grew up listening to old country music, watching black and white westerns, and watching Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke everyday after school. I grew up country, in the country. And it really was a magnificent way to grow up. 

Who I hung out with after school!

I still love both of these shows and still watch them today if I can catch them. 

But back then, I didn't like it all the time. I longed for the updated fashions, cool trends, "going to the mall with my friends" kind of nights. So I tried my best to wear the "cool" clothes, and stayed away from all things "cowgirl" and "country". What was I thinking?!? There was even one point in junior high or high school that my dad offered to buy me a whole new wardrobe, as long as it was boots, jeans, and "country" wear. Of course, I turned him down, because while he wanted me to shop at Bernard's and other "western-themed" stores, I wanted to shop at The Buckle, The Gap, and the mall. 

Well, needless to say, as I grew older, I came to appreciate all things country, and looking back, I loved the life I had. And now I love wearing my boots (that Joey bought for my birthday a couple years ago), and wearing big jewelry is always fun. Nowadays, I look back and wish I had taken my dad up on his offer, and I also wish I had prodded him on more to buy me a horse and let me take lessons to be a barrel-racer in the rodeo. 

Around here, it's rodeo season. There was the Old Settler's Rodeo last weekend that, unfortunately, we didn't get to go to because it's just way too hot to take a baby like McCrae. Or me. But we did go to the parade in the morning and BB got to see some horses. He wasn't that interested. He was more into watching the kids run around picking up all the candy being thrown. But hopefully, we can take him to a rodeo soon, or at the very least, go visit someone with horses so he can see and pet a horse. 

And with all this horse, western wear, and rodeo talk, I had the inspiration for this post : 

| image source : EyeHeartPhoto |
"Hi horse, why the long face?"

Okay, so I'm no comedian. But where my jokes are lacking, this picture makes up for in fun and heart-warming nostalgia. I mean, how can you not smile when looking at this photo?

And for the fashion : 

rhinestone cowgirl

I'm a big fan of wearing boots with dresses. I love it! And this little lace number is gorgeous, and just needed to be paired with some stellar cowboy boots. Spice it up with a little turquoise and red, I think we're on to something! I love this look and I would totally wear it to a rodeo. And instantly be crowned Rodeo Queen. 

How do you feel about "western wear" and wearing boots with dresses?


  1. I love the same stuff!!! hahaha. but I was never crazy about boots with shorts. boots with calf length skirts is classic.
    love the items you shared.

  2. I LOVE me some Andy Griffith! I grew up watching that with my mom :) And now that we're back in Nashville I feel a new pair of boots is in order! Have a good weekend :)

  3. I don't like this expression BUT "hindsight is 20/20. I watched Gunsmoke and Andy and loved them.

    I think that it is what we do NOW that counts.

    I actually did dress a little rhinestone cowgirlish back in the 60's.

    Great fashion choices!



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