Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Sponsors - Part One

Hi y'all! We got up this morning and were going through our usual morning routine of bottles, oatmeals, babies, coffee, ya know... then we remembered there was a parade in town today because of Old Settlers' Day & Rodeo. So we went up to the parade (Joey was going to ride in the parade in a hotrod but the truck's battery died so Joey ended up not going through the parade at all.) and it was surprisingly cool in the shade and we had lots of fun. Today it's not supposed to get above 100 degrees. Hello, cold front! ;) Ha, am I right, though, or am I right? It's been soooo hot lately. Bring on the cooler temps!  

Hopefully August brings us cooler nights at least, but it's also bringing me more sponsors! YAY! I love sharing the love on my blog with other lovely bloggers! This network of encouragement and support is one of my favorite things about blogging. So, here are some lovely ladies to introduce you to, please stop by and encourage and support them. And tell them I sent you. It seriously only takes less than a minute and I know it would make them feel great. :) 


Tell us a wee bit about yourself: 

Hello! My name is Jennifer & I'm the head hancho & the only hancho behind Delightfully Noted, a cheerful little stationery & invitation shop over on Etsy. I'm just a Midwestern gal who has a love for all things paper. In a world of e-mails and text messages, I hope that my bright and fun stationery inspire you to take up good old letter writing again. The stores collection includes everything from personalized note cards, to thank you cards, to party invitations. Delightfully Noted can also provide matching cupcake toppers, thank you cards and favor tags to complete your party decor. 
Fresh new products are constantly being added. When I'm not busy playing with paper, you can find me over at my blog, also called Delightfully Noted. It's my crazy little corner of the world where I get to share all things created & everything delightfully in-between. New friends are always welcome!

And for the fun, monthly Sponsor Question : If your life were going to be made into a movie, what would be the title, and who would you want to play you?

If my life were made into a movie it would be called "Can I Get a Refund?  It would most definitely be a comedy about life; the good, the bad, and the ridunkulous! I think Kristin Wiig from "Bridesmaid" would play a perfect me.

I love that title! Haha, thanks Jennifer for hanging out with Live Delightfully for another month. :) 

And now... 

Tell us about yourself: 

I live on the east coast and just got married in March. My husband and I have a puppy named Polo. Yes, he is named after Polo Ralph Lauren! :) I work at the University of Delaware and blog in my free time. I used to have an Etsy shop and I still kind of do but I have not listed anything in a long time. I may get back into selling eventually but right now I love concentrating on blogging and reading other's blogs. I enjoy blogging about style, beauty products, crafting, weight loss, and anything that strikes my fancy. I would say that I write a creative lifestyle blog and the blog evolves and changes as I do. :) 

I enjoy being creative, sewing, reading, shopping, and spending time with my husband. I love to travel and try to do so as often as my wallet allows. :)

If your life were going to be made into a movie, what would be the title, and who would you want to play you?

I love to go to the movies! If my life was made into a movie, I would want the title to be "Follow Your Bliss" because I am a firm believer in follower your heart and doing what makes you the happiest in the end regardless of others' opinions. 

I would want Reese Witherspoon to play me because I just adore her;)

I adore Reese as well. I feel like if we met, we'd be best friends. She's definitely one of my favorite actresses. And how sweet of her to help out R-Patt during his time of need. What a good friend!

Well, tonight is the last night of the rodeo. We might go, depending on the heat and mood of the kiddos. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and staying cool in this wretched heat!

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  1. I don't know if I could tolerate that kind of heat.



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