Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sponsor Intro : Jennifer of Delightfully Noted

Hi y'all! It's funny to me how you can do something a million times, or in this particular case several times, and then one time, it's different. Not because you've necessarily done anything that different, but because there's a connection that wasn't there before. I don't know how many times I had done a "goodies" post, but last year I did one and featured these lovely chevron note cards from Delightfully Noted on Etsy and Sha-BAM! A friendship was born. What started as a commonality of blog/shop names and a shared obsession with chevron, has evolved into one of my favorite bloggers to follow, and a sweet bloggy friend. I'm so happy delighted to introduce y'all to Jennifer of Delightfully Noted


Tell us a wee bit about yourself: 

Hello! My name is Jennifer & I'm the head hancho & the only hancho behind Delightfully Noted, a cheerful little stationery & invitation shop over on Etsy. I'm just a Midwestern gal who has a love for all things paper. In a world of e-mails and text messages, I hope that my bright and fun stationery inspire you to take up good old letter writing again. The stores collection includes everything from personalized note cards, to thank you cards, to party invitations. Delightfully Noted can also provide matching cupcake toppers, thank you cards and favor tags to complete your party decor. 
Fresh new products are constantly being added. When I'm not busy playing with paper, you can find me over at my blog, also called Delightfully Noted. It's my crazy little corner of the world where I get to share all things created & everything delightfully in-between. New friends are always welcome!

You're given the opportunity to live in a new place for one year, all expenses paid. Where would you live and who would you take with you?

Oh geez, I have to pick just one place I'd love to live?! Top of my list would be Italy. My great-grandparents were from Sicily and the hubby's also Italian. It's the land of pasta, wine, and romance. I mean who wouldn't want to live there?!

My thoughts exactly Jen, my thoughts exactly. 

Some lovelies from Jennifer's Etsy shop, as well as a sneak peek at what you can expect from her blog. Lots of fun, DIYs and printables! 

A DIY on a monogrammed pencil holder? Sounds totally legit and completely useful. Can you say door prize or easy party favors? I can!!

The card that started it all... 

Jennifer offers lots of free printables like this earring card, plus a little DIY tip to make your own earrings. Perfect for birthday party favors or as a sweet little gift for a little girl in your life. 

And just a little hint... there might be a collaboration on Etsy between Jennifer and I coming soon. Not to give anything away, but birthday parties are about to be kicked up a notch... or five! ;) 

Seriously, if you aren't following Jennifer's blog, you're missing about 9 levels of fun! 

You can find Jennifer here:



  1. I just love Jennifer :) And Italy would be at the top of my list too!

  2. Shucks Regina you are too sweet!! So glad we "met" and I still remember the first time I landed on your blog because of you featuring those cards!


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