Friday, July 27, 2012

me : weekly loves

Hi y'all! HAPPY FRIDAY! We made it through another week, congrats! Today is the only day this week I don't have something on my calendar. Halleluyer!

Anyway, y'all might remember my previous hit-and-miss series, "Weekly Loves" where I post about a few things I'm loving that week. I eventually just let the whole series slide to the edge of blogdom, to be lost for what might have been forever, but now, I'm bringing it back! Much like the sexy, but a lot more fun. And with less Justin Timberlake. 

So here, we go!

Seriously!! Those are AMAZING!!! I want them so bad! I'm pretty sure Joey would veto these, but I'm the queen of the kitchen, vetoes hold no power over me. But aren't they goregous!?!? Maybe if I tell him I'll only use them for cookouts and parties.... ;) 

Okay, is *anyone* surprised that I have something in my "weekly loves" that is mint colored? I think not. It's the color that causes me to swoon daily. I love this tote. I want it in a *slightly* smaller size... like 2/3 of this size, and in a cross-body strap. 

Blue Ocean Water with Cherry from Sonic. YUM! This is a picture that Joey took of his drink because I had never tried it before. But after trying his... YUM! I'm hooked. And I think I need one stat!

Click the link above for more texts from Dog. They are hilarious!

Self manicures! Getting a manicure is fun, but I always feel guilty, because I could have done that at home. Pedicures are a different story, I don't have a pedi-chair and can't do all that massaging and stuff while I also relax at home. But manicures, I would just rather save my money for a pedicure, and do my mani at home. Plus, I can change out my nail design every day and not feel guilty about all the money I'm spending. 
Here are the details for this one :
Essie - Fiji; Sally Hensen Insta-Dri - Flashy Fuchsia
I did the tiny heart with a toothpick, if anyone wanted to know. 

New paintings
Is it okay to include your own stuff in a "loves" post? Yes, yes it is. ;)
I love this painting and I'm super excited that I listed it "made to order" yesterday, and I already got one custom order request. Looking forward to picking up supplies this weekend and getting started on it! 

Alrighty, those are my loves, what are yours for the week?


  1. thanks for featuring my bag!! (and im hoping to include crossbody bags in this version in the future.) :)

  2. Fresh strawberries!


  3. I love your mani - that tiny heart looks like something I could actually do, hooray! And I swear I almost ended up with spoons like those this week on accident - I started stirring my tie dye efforts with my wooden spoons and ended up with one pink one and one teal one :)


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