Wednesday, July 25, 2012

inspiration : DIY monogrammed tote

Hi y'all! Happy Wednesday! I've got a little DIY for you today, nothing ground-breaking, but definitely something fun & easy to do. And it's something you can knock out in less than an hour, so you don't have to worry about committing to an extensive project the next time you want to get your craft on!

I know I'm not the first one to do this, in fact, this isn't even my first time doing this little DIY, but it's my first time sharing it. :) I originally got the idea here. I made a few back then and then I put this one in the memory bank (the pinterest of my mind, if you will) and waited for a good time to do it again. Well, I decided my lovely friend Amanda needed a new tote. Or maybe I just wanted to make one and thought she would appreciate it... either way. So I made one and mailed it to her with her last letter. (Spoiler alert if she hasn't gotten it yet!) Because we're also penpals and write letters back and forth constantly, which I love! Anyway, I digress...  here's how I made a monogrammed tote for my friend Amanda: 

What You Will Need : 

♥ Canvas Tote (mine was $2.47)
♥ Spray Adhesive
♥ Doily
♥ Paint (fabric or I used acrylic)
♥ Paint Brush
♥ Work Space (you don't want to do this on your kitchen table unless you lay down a paper bag/newspaper/something to keep the adhesive spray from sticking. that stuff is crazy strong and sticky!)
♥ Sharpie (optional, not pictured)

(If your bag has a big crease in it [like mine did] or lots of wrinkles, go ahead and iron it first.)
First, lightly, lightly spray the back of the doily with your adhesive spray. You don't need a lot, and it comes out fast, so be careful. Position the doily where you want your monogram. I chose the center, but you can do the edge, a corner, or whatever you'd like.  

Second, take your paint/paintbrush and start filling in all the holes in the doily. The Dabbing method works really well so use a short-bristle brush for that. Go all around, making sure you completely fill in all the holes and that you don't go crazy and get off the edge. 

Let dry (I used acrylic paint and it took about 10 minutes for mine to dry). 
Peel the doily off the bag. I used too much adhesive spray, so I had to use a paint knife to help scrap off the doily. It works best if you lift around the edges and try to remove in larger pieces

And voila! Now you have a lovely doily silhouette on your bag!

Next, add your monogram. I just free-handed mine with a marker, but you could also print a template from Word. The ones I did a couple years ago I painted with acrylic paint. Go nuts, options are endless!

And there you have it, your very own monogrammed tote! 



  1. That looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

  2. Very lovely, I just might try it! Thanx for sharing.

  3. Terrific, and you aced that free hand "A"! Funny, making a tote has been on my mind as well this week. I want something cute to carry my orders to the post office in!

  4. Wow, that turned out great Regina! I love how simple it is, but still looks gorgeous! I definitely am going to have to give this one a try! :)

  5. Very creative! I think I would have liked the monogram in neon! LOL


  6. I love it! it's such a pretty way to make a canvas tote more romantic!


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