Wednesday, July 18, 2012

inspiration : boy nursery makeover (no. 2)

Hi y'all! A few months ago, I revealed my inspiration board for BB's room makeover. However, we put off painting, then got McCrae, and since McCrae's room was three shades of pink horizontal stripes, I felt it was more important to start with his room. So, two weeks ago when I was finished working, I would disappear into his room and paint while Joey watched the boys in the living room. It took me about 4 days doing it that way, but I got it done and it looks fabulous. I'm not ready to show pictures yet, but I definitely will when I get more finished. 

But for now, here's my inspiration board to show you where I'm going with this look: 

Nursery Makeover 2 - McCrae

To start with, the walls are all painted a taupe aka gray/brown color called Light Walnut Ash. If you hold it up to brown paint chips, it looks gray, if you hold it up to gray chips, it looks brown. It's the perfect mix between the two and I'm absolutely mad about it. I love it even more than I thought I would. I bought new light switches and plates this weekend to switch out the almond colored ones for white ones and will buy some new outlets and plates soon. Also on the list is new white doors, new trim and new base boards. And, last on the list is white crown molding, that is, if you can install crown molding on a popcorn ceiling. Does anyone know about that? If not, I'll turn to my BFF Google. ♥

We bought a dresser from some friends that I'm going to makeover with a blue ombre look. His crib is cherry wood and that works for now. Work that in with aqua, red and creamy orange accents... I think it's going to look BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL! And I'm so excited! I bought paint this passed weekend to do some paintings for his room. It's a slow process when you're short on extra cash and time, but it's coming along... slowly but surely. :) I've shopped for new fabrics for bedding, curtains, etc. and I have to say this: Where are all the stylish, non-girly fabrics? Most fabrics I found were boring or girly. Lame!

As for decorations, there will (of course) be a garland of my own making in there, as well as some of my paintings. I don't know if I'll so the lanterns, since we have that in BB's room already, but we might do something else that hangs from the ceilings... I've got ideas... oh boy, have I got ideas. 

And I'm hoping to get BB's room painted soon. Maybe I'll tackle that next week. Poor guy needs his room painted too!

Whatcha think?

In completely unrelated news... if any of you lovely bloggers out there are interested in swapping buttons for August, please let me know!


  1. Hi Regina,
    THis looks like a fabulous little boy's room. I like the yellow and red colours especially. What a blessed kid he is to have a home like that.

    I would love to swap buttons with you, but my blog is not nearly as stylish so I'll understand if you don;t want to. Tonight I have been writing about the benefits of sheep poo......for rose gardens...LOL

  2. I am excited to see the finished photos!!


  3. Oooh...can't wait to see and the ombre dresser is just going to be fab I just know it!

  4. Pictures coming, I promise! I just want to get more of it finished before I show it off... :)


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