Thursday, July 5, 2012

goodies : shades of summer : lemonade & swimming pools

Hi y'all! I hope you had a very wonderful 4th of July! We certainly did! We had a HUGE fish fry that was part 4th of July celebration/part going away party/part beginning of summer kick off party. All in all, it was a party! We had about 50 people here I think, which was a lot, and while it was a bit crowded if you were walking around, I think the seating went just fine. We had water guns, bubbles, and those velcro toss and catch things for kids to play with and they spent a lot of time outside which helped the crowding issue. 

 There's a burn ban here but that didn't stop people from shooting off fireworks (every night this week to be exact), so after most people left, some kids went and bought some fireworks and came back and shot them off in our driveway/street in front of the house. The adults were kicked back in the lawn chairs and it was great. The sheriff even drove by and just told us he had to drive around because people were calling the judge, but to be careful and not to start a fire. haha. It was funny. 

It was a wonderful night (even though we killed a scorpion in the house when everyone left... EEK!) and reminded me so much of being home. I grew up having fish fries on the 4th and fireworks and a big crowd at the house and all that, so this just felt so homey. And it was definitely a big turn around considering the past 2 4ths Joey and I have spent sitting at home, wishing someone (anyone) had invited us over to their house. So this was just terrific and Joey and I both said we hope it's a tradition that continues for as long as we're here. 

My new tops (which you can barely see) aka my 4th of July outfit. 

But enough of my rambling, let's get down to the shades of summer series. This week, I'm loving the color combination!!!

First, the inspiration : 

| image source :  |
Doesn't this make you want a sweet and tart frozen lemonade? It does me!! Anyone want to bring me one?

And now for some lovely goodies, inspired by the photograph : 

 Aren't those lovely! I'm totally in love with the moose head and in the same shop you can find them in all sorts of colors. There's one that's aqua blue and oh. my. heavens. I want it! 

So how was your 4th of July?


  1. Glad you had a nice 4th! It's wonderful to be surrounded by friends like that.

    Loving your color inspiration...I like to do what I call "Color Story" posts on Etsy Stalker, so you've inspired me!

  2. How fun a fish fry?! Love the board cause of course it includes my favorite color and that moose head is fab. I've actually been wanting something like that lately!


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