Friday, July 6, 2012

fashion : lemonade & swimming pools

Hi y'all! Happy Friday! It's been a weird week with a holiday smack in the middle, but we made it through! I'm not looking forward to next week... Joey is going to be gone to church camp all week and it's just me and the boys all week. Yikes! I know it will go by quickly, but I also know come Saturday when Joey comes home I'm going to be one sleep deprived momma! lol

I'm sticking with the aqua and yellow theme I've had going on all week. And why not? I absolutely LOVE this color combination!

The photograph : 

| image source : Raceytay |

The fashion :

Aqua & Yellow Inspiration

Calypso St Barth silk shirt

$34 -

Metallic sandals

Brahmin handbag

Kate spade jewelry

Meadowlark necklace

Oakley sunglasses

Opi nail polish
$25 -

Yep! Still love that color combination! And I need some white shorts. 


  1. White shorts with those little boys? You are a brave woman! LOL! Love the colors- I like to wear sunny yellow colors- I got a new dress that color the other week!

  2. So pretty! I love yellow - esp with the turquoise. The silk shirt looks so comfy.

  3. I think I mentioned that those are the accent colors in my white bathroom - LOVE!!!

    Love that Calypso Shirt!

    Now get some sleep when Joey gets home.



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