Friday, July 6, 2012

Challenge : Name that color scheme!

Hi y'all! I have a new color scheme of felt garlands coming out soon and I'm having the hardest time deciding on a name for them. So... I'm having a little challenge and it goes like this:

Here's the picture of the felt:

Pick out a name... or 3 or 4 and leave them in a comment below. If I pick your name and you are the FIRST to submit it, then I will give you a free garland in your choice of color and shape. 

And... GO!!


  1. Im thinking - Tutti Frutti, Cotton Candy, Seaglass, or maybe Tranquility or Sea Serene. Love the combo.
    Gretchen Neal

  2. Passion Pastels
    Passionate Pastels
    Heavenly Hues
    Cool Hues
    Chilly Willies
    On The Boardwalk
    Springtime in Paris

    I know - a little out there - Just putting down what comes to mind looking at the colors.



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