Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Makeover & Updates!

Hi y'all! I've been MIA on the blog a bit. Well, actually I posted twice this week, but it still feels like I'm completely MIA. 

But I've been thinking about this little ol' blog of mine, the decor, the colors, the content, the series, etc. and I finally decided it was time for a makeover. Or really, more of a refresher if you will. 

So you might notice the new header as well as the new thumbnail buttons along the left of the page... there are new colors for links and things and I will be updating most of the other decor (blog thumbnail) before I'm finished with the visual refresher. 

But there will also be a content refresher. Specifically, it's time to say a final goodbye to some series that I've loved, introduced, stopped, restarted, etc. Goodbye "Shades of Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring", "Treasury Tuesday", and the "Wishlists" and "Giveaways" buttons over there <----------------------------. 

I'm definitely keeping the Friday fashion posts aka Photography Meets Fashion (but am rethinking the name a bit... we'll see if I decide to change that). And will be posting "Goodies" posts weekly, so Etsy items will still be featured. (I just LOVE the goodies post so even though I'm saying goodbye to the "shades" series, I'm keeping the goodies around.)

So what does all this mean to you? Well, I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe something. But I do know you can expect more goodies, more fashion, and more (I love this one) writings from me. And altogether, more inspiration. Which is what this blog is for, to inspire. And lately I've been feeling uninspired lately on my blog and I think it's because I tried to put myself in a box, instead of really letting my blog be what it is - an extension of my own personality. 

I hope you like and support the changes... I'm excited about them!

And now, I'm going to go work on a fancy DIY that I hope to share with you soon! ;) 

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be busy taking care of 3 boys. Yesterday Joey had oral surgery :(. He was supposed to have one tooth pulled on bottom and one tooth cut out on each side on top. 3 hours later, he had 3 teeth cut out on top on each side and they didn't even pull the bottom tooth. Yowzah! So be thinking about him, he still plans to preach tomorrow... crazy man!

And for a little delight for your ears... 

Listen, love, and maybe even wipe a tear or two away.

(I need to update this as well...)


  1. Love the new blog changes! And I'm excited to read some more of your writings! I hope Joey feels better soon, oral surgery is never fun! :(

  2. I'm doing a blog makeover as well. Except I paid to get my new layout coming soon!! Lol
    I'll be praying for your hubby. I had to get ten fillings recently. All on one side. 5 top and 5 bottom. Nowhere near like surgery but it was scary to me lol

  3. I like your new blog pretties! Super cute!

    Hope Joey is feeling better!


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