Friday, June 15, 2012

me : resuming our regularly scheduled blogcast {soon}

Hi y'all! Making the jump from one little guy to two little guys is quite a leap! Plus you throw in our AC drama, stomach virus, and project deadlines, it's been a crazy week! But we survived! And I told Joey last night, after we survived with two little ones and the stomach virus, I feel like we can survive anything.

I've been busy working on a huge custom garland order from Etsy, but I'm planning to be done with that this weekend and then getting back in the swing of blogging, crafting, etc. I'm looking forward to it. Being a momma is great, but this momma starts to get a little antsy and nuts when she can't be creative much. Anyone else out there like that?

With that being said, I'm hoping to resume my regularly scheduled blog posts this next week. So... here's hoping I see you bright and early Monday morning! As for my weekend, I'm hoping it will be productive, but relatively uneventful. haha. I need to finish up that custom order and then I'd like to work on a few other things. And tomorrow I'm having a lunch reunion of sorts with some ladies from our women's retreat back in March. After lunch I'll be going to try on Bridesmaid dresses for a wedding in September that I'm in. I'm excited! 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. So glad that you are all better. Looking forward to more posts.



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