Monday, June 18, 2012

inspiration : { DIY } Shoe Makeover

Hi y'all! A few months ago I stumbled upon a fabulous clearance sale going on at DSW. I picked up some great wedges that I love. One pair is a great, khaki-colored, ruffled wedges and the other pair are these floral and rope wedges with a bow. Very cute, very comfy, but they didn't go with anything in my closet. They were only $9, so I bought them anyway. I thought that I'd eventually find something to pair them up with, but instead, inspiration struck (specifically inspiration here and here) and I decided to give them a complete makeover. And, I thought that since this went over so well, I'd share it with you all and see what you thought!

What you Need: 
+ Shoes
+ Tweezers
+ Painter's tape
+ Fabric & acrylic paints
You might also want to use a fan and hair drying to speed up drying times. 

Step 1 : Tape off the parts of the shoes you aren't painting. Take your time with this step, it'll be worth it in the end. 

Use your fingernail to tuck the tape into the seams. This will ruin your manicure, but will make your shoes come out beautifully!

For those tricky rounded areas, simply lay your tape flat across them, and use a straight edge like scissors, a knife or a razor and gently cut around it. You don't have to cut all the way through, just enough to pull the excess tape away. 

Step 2 : Prime your shoe. Because I was going to paint my shoes a light color, I gave them two good coats of "primer" using white fabric paint (Tulip puff paint, squirted on a paper plate [this comes in handy later]) applied with a brush. Take care to apply your primer underneath overlapping areas, in little nooks, and on the underside of bows (or ruffles if your shoes have those). 

After each coat, I placed my shoe in front of a fan while applying the next coat to the other shoe. I did this during priming and painting as well.

Step 3 : Time to paint! Remember that Tulip brand puff paint squirted onto the paper plate? Now it's time to mix your shade! I used a few drops of acrylic paint until I got the shade of aqua that I wanted. I don't think it's any secret that I *adore* this color. I painted 3 coats of color and set the shoes in front of a fan for a little while to dry. 

Step 4 : Finishing touches. Peel off the painter's tape and exclaim at how lovely your new shoes are. But, then you cringe and realize you've got little tidbits of tape hanging on for dear life. Use your tweezers to remove all those tiny hang-ons. Then take a tiny paint brush to carefully fill in any missed spots. (And refer to the bottom left picture to see what I mean about ruining your manicure.)

After your touch-ups have dried, you're ready to go!



Evidently, the right pair of shoes also makes you speak French. ;)

So what do you think?

Was this a great idea? Or did I just ruin a pair of perfectly good shoes? haha!


  1. Oh my goodness Regina at first when I opened up this post I thought you were sharing a pic from like Pinterest or something of shoes you loved! These are just adorable, never would have guessed they didn't come that way!

  2. I never would have thought to paint shoes but they look so cute!

  3. Holy cow, those look like they were originally that color! Adding this to Pinterest so I remember to try it myself. :-)

  4. I liked them before, too, but they are soooo cute the way you gave them a little makeover! Great job!!!

  5. INSPIRED!! They look great and very much in style.


  6. What do I think ? That you're pretty darned inventive and have a great looking pair of shoes to boot !!!!

  7. I am beyond impressed! Well done! They look so fresh for summer.

  8. Thanks everyone! Go forth and do some yourself! But be sure to share with me so I can see how your's turn out! :)


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