Monday, June 4, 2012

goodies : summer in venice

Hi y'all! I have a wonderful surprise for you, at least, I hope you think it's wonderful, because I sure do. Some of you, who have been following my blog for a while, remember last summer when I started the "shades of summer series". I continued it throughout the shades of fall and even into shades of winter. But then, misfortune struck when was closing and I no longer had a site to make my collages. Until now!

The new site I'm using, finally has collages available and so I'm bringing back my "Shades of ____" series, and of course, I'm starting with summer. Seems fitting, does it not? I've been waiting until June to get this started and I'm excited that June is here! 

For those of you who are newer to the blog and don't remember this series from before, let me explain. First, I start with a gorgeous photograph that provides the inspiration:

Isn't that lovely?

Then, I take the lovely colors inspired by the photograph and I create a most delightfully collage of loveliness:

And now, if you so wish, you can browse through the various items in the collage to see if there's anything your little heart can't live without:

And there ya go! 

Welcome to shades of summer 2012 edition!!

There's another new weekly feature coming tomorrow!


  1. what site do you use now for your images? can you believe that i have lived in la for 10 years and only last summer did i see that venice sign? of course i had to take a photo of it

  2. So happy to see you doing this once again! Love the colors and the items.
    I think if I were a younger woman I would wear that ostrich skirt and the color of the pops are so pretty.


  3. Yay! Love this series. What site are you using for your collages? The only place I have found for my collages is Big Huge Labs but it is kind of limited.

  4. Ooh!! Love all of the pinkness!

  5. Oooh!! So pretty! I'm a girly girl at heart so anything pink always gets my vote! :)

    What's the new site you're using?!

  6. I love the Ostrich feather skirt!!!

  7. The new site I'm using is

    It's the site that picnik referred me to after it closed. I like it, although it's more limited than picnik. But it is growing, so maybe one day it will be up to par. ;)


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