Wednesday, June 20, 2012

goodies : shades of summer 2

Hi y'all! Only two days left until we leave for vacation! YAY! I'm pretty excited about being in the mountains where it's cooler (it was 106 in my garage Monday afternoon), but there's a part of me that wishes we were headed to the beach. And thus, inspiration was born for this week's shades of summer series! Enjoy!

Inspiration from this weeks feature, comes from this lovely photograph: 

| image source : Maddenphotography |
Don't you just love the soft colors? I want to have an extended vacation and stay in a house on the beach. Anyone want to go with me?

See anything you like? I know I do!!

And for the full treasury I created on Etsy: 


  1. Love this sweet collection, Regina! Thanks for including my earrings!

  2. Beaches, mountains, they are all BOOT-TI-FULL (mispelled on purpose incase anyone thinks my auto correct isn't working! )

  3. I love the treasury, thanks so much for featuring my headband! Hello summertime!!

  4. Lovely ! Thanks so much for including my Pink Flower Headband amongst such a beautiful collection of items! :)

  5. Enjoy your vacation.

    Do I see anything I like? Yes! All of it! :o)


  6. oooh so pretty! i love the board regina


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