Friday, June 1, 2012

fashion : hot air balloon inspiration

Hi y'all!

 How are you today? I hope you're great! It's FRIDAY!! YAY!!! And it's a new month! And not only is it a new month, but I've also got a few new things popping up on the blog. One of them is a new weekly feature that I'm starting TODAY! So let's get started : 

This week's feature inspiration comes from this lovely photograph :

| image source : EyePoetryPhotography |

And now for the fashion :

Hot Air Balloon Inspiration

Duffy striped shirt
£159 -

Aaiko cotton shorts
€60 -

Oasis flat shoes
$36 -

J Crew animal jewelry
$68 -

FOSSIL stainless steel watch
$135 -

What do you think of the new feature? And the outfit? I love it! I'm on the prowl for some white shorts! Oh and that bag (which is also available in adorable yellow and an OMG-aqua color [be still my beating heart]) is from Just Fabulous where all bags and shoes are $39.95 and shipping is FREE. And no, this isn't the site from the reality tv-obsessed family that does things like cheapen marriage for publicity stunts. 

Has anyone used one of those sites before? I'm seriously considering ordering a bag from there... there's several that I lurve right now. 


  1. Very cute Regina. What a cool idea!
    I'm going to check out that site-I was not familiar with it. I use a lot.

  2. You have a great eye for fashion and putting outfits together.

    I love this look.


  3. The shirt is bootifullllll! I like the new feature. Fun, fun, fun! Okay I am now putting down the sugar.


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