Monday, May 21, 2012

inspiration : room makeover {toddler boy edition}

Hi y'all! We've been living here in this new house for 9 months now, and while I wanted to wait until our other house sold before starting the makeovers for this house, we still have no prospective buyers and I'm itching to get started on this house. Right now, we just have the one foster kiddo, many of you know him as BB or Baby Boy, on here since I can't disclose his real name. I've been thinking and planning on things to do to his room for a while now and I think I've finally just reached a point where I'm going to do it. Or at least get started on it. So, I'm hoping to buy some paint soon and get started on BB's room makeover maybe in the next week or so. 

When thinking about how I wanted to do his room, there were a couple things I knew for sure:

1) It needed to be a room that could easily be converted back and forth between a room for a boy and/or a room for a girl (since being foster parents, those things could change). So no all blue or all pink painted rooms. 

2) Keeping this in mind I knew I wanted the walls to be painted grey with at least one wall (maybe 2) painted with white chevron stripes over the grey. 

3) I wanted some cool (hip) colors that would be great for BB to grow up with (in case we do get to adopt him). So no baby-blues or an over-abundance of pastels. 

4) I'm madly in love with the chevron (aka zig zig) pattern and wanted to incorporate it. 

And so, thinking about all of that, when I was planning his birthday party a while back (something else I couldn't disclose) I picked the colors of teal and lime green for his party and decided they would be great for his bedroom too. Here's a collection of where I'm going with his room:

BB's bedroom makeover

Lovely huh?? Like I said, the walls will all be painted grey with one or two walls painted with a white and grey chevron pattern. And then for the accent colors we are going to do teal and lime green (kind of a chartreuse shade) with lighter greens and aqua blues mixed in as well. 

Here's what his room looks like now:

The boy who lived here previously was sports-obsessed, so he had a sports-themed valance over the vertical blinds. The walls were white, except for the one wall that was painted "baseball field green". 

Joey's mom is working on (or maybe has already finished) an afghan for BB in a chevron pattern with shades of blues, lime greens, greys and white. We already have the blue paper lanterns in the top left corner and the lime green paper lantern strands in the bottom right corner. I also made him a paper pennant banner for his party that is hanging over his bed right now, but will be rearranged when his room is redone. My mom is going to make his bedding and curtains, as soon as I go pick out the fabric and send it to her. I love that the grandmothers can get involved, it makes things so much more meaningful. 

I'm trying to decide on if we should paint his crib white (and if that would be safe) or if we should just buy a new white crib. Painting would definitely be cheaper, I just question the safety of the chemicals in paint. Does anyone know if this is okay or if this is a big no-no?? We're also going to buy new white doors (and maybe new white trim and baseboards for the room and the closet. The doors right now are old, scuffed up a lot, with lots of nicks, scrapes and old tape stuck to them. 

We're going to buy some new blinds (white, wood-like, horizontal blinds). If the valance can be refinished, I might keep it. If not, it's a goner. And I'm also trying to decide what to do about the dresser. Possibly buying a new one, possible just refinishing this one and painting it (maybe chartreuse?). We will need to buy some new shelves and I've got a few DIYs in mind for decorations, including yarn-covered letters, using the leftover yarn from the afghan making. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dr. Seuss styled bookshelf in my collection, but it's over $700. Not sure if Joey's dad could build something like that, or if we might save up to be able to buy it, or just forget about it and try something else. But isn't it amazing!!??!?!?!

And, as I am a lover of books and music and want our children to also be lovers of books, I plan to do some paintings with quotes from various books and songs. It'll be grand. I think when the whole thing comes together, it will be amazing. For one, because I actually finished a project (haha), and two, because it will be like something out of a magazine but right here in our home. Eat your heart out Good Housekeeping! ;) 

I'm really excited about everything and I'm definitely looking forward to getting started. I think it would be a great room for him for several years down the road and can easily be updated as his tastes, interests change. And if the unthinkable happens and he goes back to his family and say we end up fostering a little girl, I think swapping out the teal and blue colors for some fuschias and pinks, would be easy and makes the room more versatile and foster-parent friendly. 

What do you think? Do you like my style? And what do you know about repainting cribs? Yay or Nay on that idea?


  1. I LOVE THE COLORS and the style!

    The room is going to so much more cheery and awesome.


  2. I like your lime green inspiration. Doing that for my son's room too. Ikea has some great book shelves that are very inexpensive, Stuva series around 50 bucks. ANd real pretty colors.

  3. I wouldn't paint the crib unless you spring for zero VOC paint and eco-friendly acrylic top coat, since babies like to chew on stuff. But if you do that, it should be just fine!

    I have to say, that's one very green wall you inherited. Your design will be a lot cuter in there. :-)

  4. I love the theme and colors you've chosen! So bright and cheerful. I think kids rooms should always be as fun and colorful as possible. I never had a decorated room growing up, so I've had many years to think about how I'd decorate my kids rooms. I love the quote idea too! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. Well, of course I love your style! I think the theme, colors, and style is perfect for either a boy or girl. I would keep the dresser & just paint it. Are the knobs removable? Change those up & it will look like a whole new piece!I would think there should be some safe paints out there for the crib but then again what do I know? LOL I wonder if you can find something like that crooked shelf for a better price at Land of Nod?? That looks similiar to their style. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!


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