Tuesday, May 1, 2012

inspiration : mood board { may 2012 }

Hi y'all! Happy Tuesday! And even better... Happy May!! :) I love May! Summer is practically here, schools are winding down (my job is hectic because of all those kids who wait till the last month to do their assignments), bright colors are out, dreams of vacations and pool-side fun are more of a reality... Siiiigh... it's all so wonderful. Plus... it's my birthday month! :) 

That's right folks, only 23 days left until my birthday! YAY! I don't get those people who hate their birthdays. I mean, take some time to celebrate that you've made it this far and be thankful for all you have! 

But, this post isn't really about my birthday. I've got many other posts for that... haha.. ;) 

It's a new month and that means it's time for a new mood board! And it's also time for me to make a little confession. I've definitely been bitten by the neon bug! All these bright, pretty colors everywhere, I love it! I was even talking to one of the older ladies at church the other day and she was talking about how much she loves all the bright colors out this year and how she's buying it all up. Haha... how cute is that?!

may 2012 mood board

Michael Kors dolman sleeve top
$1,195 - net-a-porter.com

Mini shorts
$40 - topshop.com

Kate Spade neon flat
$225 - nordstrom.com

Madewell bright shoes
$175 - madewell.com

J Crew travel bag
$1,675 - jcrew.com

Proenza schouler bag
$1,225 - forwardforward.com

Green rhinestone necklace
$48 - etsy.com

Steel earrings
$25 - etsy.com

Neon nail polish
$20 - topshop.com

Now, you do have to be careful... wearing this all at once and you might fall into an 80's wormhole. Or be arrested for blinding people. But wearing one or two neon pieces at a time to brighten up the rest of your wardrobe... yeah, I can handle that!

This is one trend that I'm definitely on board with. In fact, last week I bought some new nail polish because it looked very neon-y (that's a word, I'm sure) in the bottle. Unfortunately, it wasn't actually very neon-y and my nails are coral red instead of the neon red/pink I was going for. Oh well... guess I'll have to pick up another bottle.... ;) 

I hope May blesses you with bright colors and even brighter days! 


  1. Wow! That Michael Kors charges alot for his neon. I watch him on that Fashion Runway show every year and I love him!
    I also love that shoulder bag but we could eat for a year at the cost - LOL.

    LOVE the earrings!
    Wasn't neon popular back in the 80's?

  2. So, I think I need those Kate Spade flats and the yellow J. Crew trunk. Of course, I'll need to find somebody who's willing to pay for them first...

  3. Totally with you on the neon! I love it and have to find a way to add a touch to my wardrobe. Yay for May! My little guy will have a May birthday too (whenever he decides to arrive!).

  4. Love that mood board! Everything is so pretty! I have to agree though. This is one of those trends you have to be careful with. It can easily go from chic to overkill with just a few pieces!

  5. I'm kinda loving neon right now too! I bought a neon pink wallet at Target last week, and I just loooove it. I haven't been quite brave enough to try anything else yet, but I want to!


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