Thursday, May 10, 2012

inspiration : let it rain

I wake to greyness. I hear the rain, gently drumming along the rooftop. There are no birds singing this morning. No sounds of garbage trucks beeping and banging along the alleyways. It's as if the entire town has been swallowed up in the grey clouds of rain. Even the baby is still sleeping, peacefully slumbering down the hall, dreaming of whatever it is that babies dream of. 

Everything is so quiet. I tiptoe to the kitchen and pour a cup of coffee. Still in my pajamas, I step barefoot out onto the cold concrete of the patio. The juxtaposition of the cold concrete on my feet and the warm coffee cup in my hands send chills through my body. My body tingles, and I feel so alive. Refreshed. Renewed.

I close my eyes and I listen. I listen to the steady rain as it bounces from leaf to leaf on it's descent. To the low pitch of the drops hitting the patio furniture. To the high pitch of the drops pinging off the grill. I listen to the rhythm, the song the rain is playing, it seems, just for me. 

I breathe deeply. The sweet fragrance of clean air, of moisture, and I'm transported immediately to the humid, green lands of home - Oklahoma. Summerfield, to be exact. Not much different from the town I currently live in, but so far apart. I'm reminded of how amazing it is that a little red-headed girl, who grew up 30 minutes from Arkansas, is now 10 hours west, and nearly 30 minutes from New Mexico. It amazes me how two little towns, barely dots on a map, can now have such a permanent connection, and permanent residence in my heart.

I open my eyes, drawing in another breath of cool air, deep into my lungs. Into my soul. I exhale slowly, trying to take in everything about this moment. The sounds, the smells, the feelings. The rain keeps playing its steady song. And underneath the rhythm, I hear her voice speaking truth, as Granny always did. "A good rain, like a good cry, is good for the soul."

{ photography by Victor Eredel }


  1. How peaceful the rain is..YOU made it come alive to me as well even though it was not raining here.. I could even smell the rain. Enjoy it for me.. Love you

  2. Beautifully written, Regina.

    It is a true gift when you can write your innermost feelings down on "paper" and have the reader feel them.


  3. Oh my goodness! Regina, this is seriously amazing! Have you thought of pursuing writing?! If not, you really should! When I was reading this I was completely transferred to another world, as if reading a book! Have you ever written any short stories? You write so eloquently and its so incredibly descriptive! This really was a joy to read! You possess a great talent here that you should really pursue! No joke! Anyways I hope you have an awesome weekend! :)


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