Friday, May 18, 2012

goodies : Pride & Prejudice

Hi y'all! And happy Friday! I wanted to post this yesterday, but Blogger was being a little temperamental and wouldn't let me. It's okay Blogger, I know you have bad weeks sometimes. 

So for last Christmas I finally got the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth (hubba hubba) and Jennifer Ehle. And even though I've been wanting it forever, it took me this long to finally watch it. Friday nights have become my craft nights. The hubby keeps an eye on BB, I go into our bedroom with some crafting stuff and I watch my shows from the week or a movie or something. 
 Last Friday I sat down with my crafting stuff and watched Pride & Prejudice. It was glorious!!! I have to admit, I am a big fan of the Keira Knightley version, and while some people think that makes me less credible as a Jane Austen fan I don't care. I love Matthew Macfayden and think he's a perfect Mr. Darcy. 

After watching the BBC version, I definitely want to watch the other version and re-read the novel. It's one novel that I usually read once a year. And, to share that love of Pride & Prejudice with you, here are some great finds from Etsy that you might love as much as I do:

I have seriously featured Brookish items on my blog more than any other Etsy shop. I have just loved her shop from the instant I discovered it. I have been hinting about wanting several mugs and other delightful things for several birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and Valentine's Days. So far, I haven't received anything from the hubby. My birthday is next week and I'm giving him ONE MORE CHANCE. If I don't get anything from Brookish from him, I'm taking matters into my own hands and buying my own stuff. Every morning when I have my coffee and sift through the coffee cups I've collected, I wish I had one or three Brookish mugs to use. I'll have them soon, one way or another! ;) 

I've reached another decision. I'm going to makeover the front bathroom with a P & P theme. And I think I need this towel to go in it. Either that or one of the prints, also from Brookish. 

You know you want this shirt.

Fact: I'm kind of a hoarder of tote bags. I just find them insanely useful for taking things to church or coffee shops or road trips when I want to keep some books and things together without using my backpack or my purse. I also use them for organizing. For example, I have one in my office closet full of scrapbooking stuff, one full of Sunday School lessons, one full of VBS stuff, and the list goes on. Seriously, organize with totes, it's easy and when you're ready to work on a project, you can easily take it with you wherever you need to. 

Hmm... maybe I should decorate my office in P&P stuff instead of the bathroom? If so, then I'll need this! ;) 

I'm not a fan of tearing up books. It breaks my heart a little every time I see it. But if it must be done, because the book can't be saved or used for reading anymore, then this is a great idea. So lovely. 

Such an offensive line, but so well said. 

Again with the book pages. But this is so sweet and lovely, I don't even care!

How pretty! I just love this, it's so happy!

I definitely want this for the bathroom makeover!

If the hubby were wise, he would give me my P&P goodies with this card... ;) Someone should really point this blog post out to him. ;) haha!

I love this shirt! In fact, I love it so much, I've already contacted the owner and will hopefully get this shirt soon. I'm getting the blue shirt version, but both are lovely! 

Are you a big Pride & Prejudice fan like I am?

I've decided I need to read another Jane Austen novel, any suggestions? Which novel should I read next?



  1. So fun! I love P&P!!! Especially the BBC version and of course the book is the best. :)

  2. Ah Regina! I admire what a sweet romantic you are♥


  3. What an awesome idea for a feature! I love the mix of items here.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  4. one of my co-workers is obsessed with anything jane austen, she would definitely love this post!! and any movie with colin firth i will definitely see

  5. Lovely choices. I enjoyed both versions of the movie.

  6. Great finds! I love Jane Austen and specially "Pride and Prejudice". Have you read "Sense and sensibility"?

  7. Don't think I am strange, but I have read all of them EXCEPT P&P! I was afraid it would ruin the movie for me! Oh, there is one other one I have not read- Persuasion, maybe? Anyway, you can get this lovely hardbound collection of all of her novels (except that other one I didn't read)- I saw it at a store for $20 a few years ago and I am still kicking myself for not getting it! I seriously must watch the BBC version now. You have convinced me! :)

  8. Haha! Oh man, I lovelovelove Pride and Prejudice. Laughed out loud at the Make Haste awesome.


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