Wednesday, May 2, 2012

goodies : NEON

Hi y'all! As I've said before, I'm usually not someone on top of the trends. But this spring, NEON is everywhere and I am loving it! I made a failed attempt at buying neon nail polish, but I'm not giving up, I'll try again. And I'm trying to decide on what my first neon item will be... purse? Shirt? Jewelry?

Well, while I'm busy figuring that out, here are some BRIGHT & lovely items from Etsy that  have definitely got me swooning for neon:

I love this! Even the hubby loves this. Maybe I'll have to get this shirt for myself! It's definitely going on the Birthday Wishlist! But I think I want the hot pink tank instead. ;) Just sayin'.... haha

These are gorgeous & I love all the cool colors they come in. I just might have to put these on my Birthday Wishlist... ;) 

This is fabulous! I'm really loving it!

If you live in the Austin or Dallas areas, the shop owner will deliver for free! ;) 

Aren't those colors just fantastic!! 

I also created a Treasury on Etsy featuring some of these wonderful items. You can visit that by clicking here: NEON is my super power!

I'm really obsessed with neon right now. The only bad thing about looking at it so much, when you're done, everything else looks so dull and boring. 

Are you on board with the NEON trend? What's your favorite item from above or from my Treasury?


  1. What a great collection of Neons!!! Love it!!!
    Thank you so much for the feature!
    I am honoured :)

  2. thanks for featuring our cat!

  3. Gorgeous finds! That shirt makes me laugh so much! I love it!

  4. Love those "super colors".

    Would love to see this blog on the castteam's weekly blog blitz (find that under "discussions" on the cast home page)

  5. Thanks so much chick for including my funky baby booties too, lovely finds xx I must add your blog to my blog roll xx

  6. That shirt is hilarious! And I love brightly-colored shirts :)

  7. Now you have me hooked! I LOVE your choices and those feather earrings are AMAZING!


  8. Yep, 80's flashback here, too! Fun items!

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  10. beautiful. Thank-you so much;)
    love that table! its giving me spray pain ideas;)

    xoxox Diana

  11. Those colours are so 80s! But in a good way.

  12. Love the shirt! I had to read it twice! My eyes are buggy after looking at all that neon, but in a good way!

  13. I'm loving all the bright colors!! Most favorite on this list? . . . .definitely the neon green table! :)

  14. Wonderful collection!!! Totally loving that clutch... ah!

  15. Wow! Beautiful items - my favorite is the baby booties!!

  16. LOVE all these finds. Many thanks for featuring The Glossy Queen's neon green bib necklace. xoxo happy Spring/Summer 2012 everyone!

    Follow Your Heart. Live In Color.

    Jennifer Elizabeth
    The Glossy Queen

  17. Okay I just picked out about ten faves in there! I've been meaning to pick up a purse or something small in neon as I know just like Kim Kardashian's marriages this trend will be done in a few months!

    Okay....that was just corny. That's when you know it's time to hit the sack!


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