Friday, May 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner & New Items

Happy Friday everyone!!

It's been a great, albeit weird, week! We still don't have the girls yet. (The foster placement we're supposed to get any time now.) I hope we get them soon, the anticipation is making me CRAZY!

But, then again, since we don't have the girls yet, we got to go on a date last night for Joey's birthday! :) YAY for date nights! We saw The Avengers in 3D and it was incredible! We went to the movie before we ate dinner so we got to thoroughly enjoy our pop and popcorn. Although, towards the end of the movie we were both squirming in our seats after the gallon-size drinks we had. ;) Afterwards, we were planning on going to this Cajun place that Joey as been wanting to try called Jazz, but it was a bit too late, so we ended up going to Panda Express! Which, goodness gracious, I LOVE!! I could totally eat Panda Express every time we go to Lubbock right now... Yum-diddly-yum-yum!!!

And for Joey's birthday I got him an Under Armour polo because he's been wanting one forever. And I got him two more things, but I will not be posting about them just yet because there is a chance he'll read this and then the surprise would be ruined. (Ha, sorry hon!) All in all, I think Joey had a great birthday and for the next 2 weeks, I'll be married to an older man. ;) hah!

Also, some of you who have been following me on Twitter, know that I've been working on my new mobile designs. Well, I finally got one of them finished!! YAY! 

This is part of my Woodland Dreams Collection which will feature a variety of woodland animals in an assortment of color combinations! This one is pre-made and ready to go but if you're interested in owls of different colors for a gift, please let me know. I've got TONS of different colors I can use!

I've also got this new white, grey and pale yellow pennant banner garland pre-made in my shop. This can also be made in a variety of colors so if you're interested in a custom-made garland, let me know! :) 

And now for the wrap up of last week's giveaway! Again, THANK YOU Sarah for sponsoring such a wonderful giveaway! :) 

The genie in a bottle over at generated 12 as the random winner and the 12th comment was:

Liked Clip & Pin on Facebook.



Please contact Sarah at Clip + Pin on Etsy to redeem your prize! :) 

I hope everyone has such a lovely weekend! 



    Love your new mobile and pennant banner. Great colors.


  2. Congrats, Sue!

    Your owls are very cute, Regina! I can't wait to see more animals!

  3. Hooray for date night!! And seriously, that owl mobile is absolutely adorable!!!


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