Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wishlist : vespas! {beep beep}

I love vespas. I want one because it's such a fun word to say and if I owned a vespa I could go around saying vespa all the time. I could introduce myself to new people, "Hi. I'm Regina, I own a vespa." I could bring it up casually in conversations, "Oh just the other day as I was riding my vespa..." Or even use it as an educational tool, "Since getting and riding my vespa, I've learned a lot about..." See? See how handy a vespa would be? Vespa. Vespa. Vespa!

Now that I've used the word vespa 10 times in one paragraph, let's imagine we are in the "old country", about to ride around the hills and vineyards of Tuscany, on our shiny vespas! 

| image source : TheDizzyPixie |

| image source : elgarboart |

| image source : TraceyCapone |

| image source : twiggsphotography |

| image source : ElloGovna |
Go ahead and say the shop name out loud. 
I was trying to commit the shop name to memory and said it out loud. I had to smile when I realized what I'd said. 
Kudos, shop owner, kudos. 

| image source : pamelajanegallery |

| image source : pamelajanegallery |

| image source : chezjolly |

| image source : TheSimplePicsShop |

| image source : rebeccaplotnick |

| image source : photographybykarina |

| image source : EyePoetryPhotography |

| image source : twiggsphotography |

| image source : twiggsphotography |

| image source : Raceytay |

| image source : FocusGroupFoto |

Can't you just get lost looking at all these lovely photos of vespas?! I know I can! They're rather impractical to own where we live, but maybe one day... on our 10 year anniversary trip to Europe, we can ride them around. 

I think I would love one in the mint color, what about you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow you really do like vespas! Nice pictures you selected.

  2. It would have been very cool to own one of these VESPAS back in the day.
    They are very expensive now but truly beautiful machines.


  3. The colors are amazing. I love the coral colored one. When I was in Italy, I saw grammas with cigarettes in their mouths, driving their grandchildren to school on them !!!


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