Friday, April 13, 2012

me : weekly loves

Hi y'all, and happy Friday the 13th to you! 

Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I always want to have a scary movie watch party when a Friday the 13th happens. I never have, but it always crosses my mind. Today is no different. I used to watch scary movies a lot! I loved them. My dad and I watched them together when I was growing up. Then in my college years, I made my roommates watch them with me. Now, I have to have Joey watch them with me... see the pattern? Or, if Joey isn't here, or doesn't want to watch them, I have to make sure I watch them early enough in the day that I don't freak myself out at night. I love that scared feeling for the 2 hour movie, it's the panicky feeling that someone is watching me from my window at night that I can't handle. haha. Yes, I'm 26 and I'm afraid of the dark. So what! Haha. 

Anyway, all of this has nothing to do with my post. On to the weekly loves!!!

I love my new Cake Pop Maker! It's super fun and easy to use. Last week I made 100+ cake pops for our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout with out church and it didn't take long to make them. 

I made strawberry cake ones with white, vanilla frosting. These had blue, pink and green sugar sprinkles on them. I decided to put them in mini-cupcake papers instead of on sticks. I thought it would be easier to transport to the cookout. 

More strawberry cake with white, vanilla frosting. These had pink, yellow and green sugar sprinkles. So pretty and spring-y. 

And then... there was the white cake pops. Oh my goodness. I couldn't stop eating these when I was making them. I finally added strawberry frosting to them with some multi-colored flower sprinkles.

Here's a fun fact about me... I don't really like icing or frosting that much. So when making these, I couldn't stop eating them when they were just plain cake pops. But I didn't eat any of them once they had the frosting on them. I also don't like the cream filling in oreos, when I do the oreo twist, I eat the non-creamed side and give the cream filling side to Joey. I'm thinking for my birthday, instead of a birthday cake, just making white cake pops (plain, of course) and eating them. ;) 

I love Twizzler Bites! Twizzler bites in cherry is one of my favorite candies. I pick up a bag from Hobby Lobby every now and then and keep in a desk drawer. 

I love that if you walk about 3 blocks from our house, you are at the city park. It's a really nice park and has a lovely tree-covered walking/running path that I made use of yesterday. Which brings me to....

I love this new app I installed. I downloaded the free version, and I love how you can just listen to your music and it will ding and tell you to start running, or start walking. It's great!! I'm on Week 1 Day 2, but I'm considering restarting this week since I haven't been able to complete all of the running tasks it's asked me to do. Partly because I'm out of shape, partly because my asthma can be a real life-suck at times. But I'd like to be able to complete every task for each daily plan for the week before moving on to the next week.  Has anyone used this before? Is it important to be completing all the tasks before moving on to the next week?

I love sunset/sunrise pictures. I also love that from our front yard, we have a pretty excellent view of the sunsets. I love them. 

That's me! What do you love this week?


  1. You have inspired me to try out my cake pop maker this weekend! (btw- I love twizzler bites as well!) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your cake pop maker sounds fun and they sound delicious! I need to get one too.

    I am a chicken and don't like scary movies - always get nightmares then. But not afraid of dark just don't have night vision so I always need a light.

  3. You are so adorable! I would be eating those cake pops plain or with the icing. They look amazing. Plus I never heard of a cake pop maker! LOL How does it work?

    This week, I love that I have been creating and actually finishing some projects.


  4. Those cake pops look so cute! I've seen those makers around and thought about picking em up, but don't think it would be good for my diet!

  5. Oooooooh... cake pops....

    {wiping drool off of my chin}

    Yeah, I would probably need the Couch to 5K to go with that. The thing is, I ran cross-country in high school, and now, since it isn't easy for me anymore, I don't think running is quite so much fun!


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