Friday, April 27, 2012

me : my life in numbers

27 - How old I will be next month.

25 - How old I think I will be, until I stop and remember no, that's not right.

24 - The date of my birthday next month. Just in case you were wanting to get me something... ;) 

5 - The number of the month we're about to be in! Can you believe it?? This year is nearly half over!!

241 - The number of days until Christmas!!

6 - The number of projects that I'm working on right now. 

10 - A guesstimate on the number of projects I also need to do.

8 - 16  - The number of hours I spend on my computer in a single day. (Not counting the weekends.) 8 hours for work; anywhere from 1-8 additional hours working on other projects. 

1 - The number of pets we have. A golden retriever named Lorie. Joey named her because she's supposed to be his dog and he names all of his pets after Lonesome Dove characters. (We also had a cat named Gus and a cat named Clara.) But even though she's supposed to be his dog, she chose me as her owner. She listens to me way more than she does Joey.

3 - The number of rooms in our house that I want to paint grey. Different shades of course. 

11 - The number of pounds I've lost since January according to my doctor. YAY! I hate how my scales at home always weigh me less than the doctor. Blegh.

14 - The number of pounds I have left to lose before I hit my first goal weight and before my doctor stops hounding me about my weight. Okay, he doesn't really hound. He more encourages, he's a nice doctor. 

0 - The number of times Joey and I have taken a trip on our own without visiting family. Seriously. Can our house please sell soon so we can go on a nice trip somewhere???

What does your life in numbers look like?


  1. Congrats on the 11 lbs! that's a terrific achievement. The # I need to loose after baby is a little too horrific to contemplate just now... ;)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss - and hope the rest comes off easily too! Find if I try too hard, it either just stays put or it goes on again! Still it's not as much of a problem for a silver surfing type as it for glamourous types like you!

    All the best.

  3. Such an awesome post! Hey we're pretty much the same age! I turn 27 in July. But I feel like I'm still 24 or 25. How did I get so old?! Ok 27's not old, but you know what I mean!

    My bf loves Lonesome Dove too! Are you guys going to watch that new western coming out next month on the History Channel? I think its called Hatfield & McCoy. If Joey likes westerns, he should check it out! It looks really good!

  4. 67 - on my next birthday in January.

    40 - age I am in my head. Maybe younger.

    4 - pets. Chichi doggie. Cats- Mango,Inky and Sweetie.

    2 - grandchildren, Cole and Noah.

    2 - daughters, Jenifer and Jodi.

    1- God.


  5. 27!! You are such a youngen! Actually 27 is the age I always think I am. For some reason it is like I have forgotten all my bdays after that!

  6. congratulations on the weight loss, that's so awesome! I'm 28, and will be until November 18th.
    4-the number of daughters I have
    5-the number of children we would like to end up with
    3.5-the number of Kms I ran tonight! I didn't even know I could run that far!

    Thanks for the awesome post :D


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