Thursday, April 19, 2012

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi y'all! Happy Thursday! And especially happy Thursday because it's almost over. Whew! What a day! BB had a doctor's appointment today and had to get a shot. But luckily, that's the last one for a few more years. YAY for him! I hate it when he gets shots... it makes me tear up to have to hold him down while he's crying.

There's also been some interesting things today like finding out the company sent my expense reports reimbursement to an old checking account (it's still open, we just haven't closed it yet and never use it) so now I've got to go write a check and deposit it in the account we use. And the big topping to this day is our department supervisor didn't approve our timesheets in time so there will be no direct deposit going into our my account at midnight. They're over-nighting some sort of pay card to us, but needless to say, it's been a very interesting day money wise. 

But, everything will work out and we still have fun thoughtfuls to enjoy. So let's focus on that!

Here's some great quotes art from Etsy sellers. Rock on you Etsy sellers, rock on!

| image source : ParadaCreations |
I love this! There's so much to be said about just being kind. Like not teasing people and making them feel unwelcome even if you're just joking around. Who wants to be around people who make them feel unwelcome?? I don't! I know sometimes I even take my jesting too far. This is a good reminder to be kind with my words and actions. 

| image source : UUPP |
Yes, yes, yes!!! I don't care if you can't do much, do what you can with love. Even if it's just loading the dishwasher... or smiling... or holding a door open for someone. Or if you're like me and an Etsy shop owner, paying attention to packaging to make it special. just the little things.  

| image source : AldariArt |
BB had a hearing yesterday. Things weren't said that we wanted to be said, but it is what it is, and I feel more at peace with what may or may not happen, than I have in a while. Thanks for everyone who's praying and sending good thoughts our way. This foster-parenting business isn't for the weak-hearted. 

| image source : PlayOnWordsArt |
Whatever is going on in your life that's bringing you down or bumming you out... it will pass. Don't give up. 

| image source : manvsgeorge |
Again with the be kind stuff. Because it's that important that it's worth repeating. Plus, I think honesty isn't used as much as it could and should be. And there's something to be said about being silly. It's a good thing. ;)

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday, and will have a great Friday and weekend. Enjoy it. Because even the good things pass... 

I have a hair appointment Friday evening and I still have not made a final decision on what to do. I'm leaning the most toward going short again. Right now my hair is to the middle of my back and there's a good chance I'm chopping it all off tomorrow. I've had my hair super short before... 

I'm thinking that I'm going to go that short again. Something short, edgy. Not too soccer-mom, not too punk-rocker. Something cool. I hope my stylist understands... lol. 

Also, welcome to the new readers/followers! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I learned a little later in life to be kind with my words. It really does make a difference.

    Can't wait to see what your new hairstyle will be.


  2. Lovely inspirationals!! It's always nice to be reminded of these things every now and then :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair


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