Monday, April 9, 2012

goodies : Introducing HaloHatz

Hi y'all! I have a wonderful treat for you all! Today, I'm featuring the lovely Miss Rhonda and her "halos"... HaloHatz! I've known Rhonda for a couple of years now as we met on Etsy via a Christian team. She's not on Etsy anymore, but we still keep in touch via Facebook. This just goes to show that if you're on Etsy, you really should find a good team or two to be a part of. I've got several friends from my teams and just love them all!

When I first met Miss Rhonda she was selling these lovely hats from her Etsy shop. I watched as her business grew, her hats evolved, and now, she is the proud owner of a small business that is very successful, and she's the creative genius behind these gorgeous "halos". 

 I asked Miss Rhonda to tell us a little about herself. 

I'm happily married for almost 15 years to my hubby, KC.  We have three kids, Gillian (11), Logan (8) and Lochlan (3).  They keep me busy and hopefully, young:)  We tend to be homebodies and don't travel much.  We enjoy lots of family time and at home projects.  I have always loved to create.  I have dabbled in jewelry making, greeting cards, scrapbooking, bridal accessories and now, my hats.  My creative time is my outlet, when everyone is asleep and it's quiet I can just let my brain go crazy.  I usually don't see the piece finished in my head, it evolves as I go.  Only one pet, my cat, Mocha.  We have managed to kill seven guppies over the last few months, so I don't think we should push our luck with anything else, quite yet.

My business is HaloHatz.  My "halos" are hats that are fun, funky and of course blingy:)  I started in '07.  I began wearing a lot of hats when kids entered the picture.  It's just easy and quick.  But all the hats out there were boring and blah.  I started playing with rhinestones and patches and when my friends started asking about them, I thought maybe...Then more people were asking and then a boutique in Mesa wanted to carry them.  I did holiday boutiques and fund raisers but it was still pretty low key until last year.  I got into a popular boutique, opened my website and met a few key people and off we went.  I have been steadily busy since then.

I'm always looking for the next new, fun thing to incorporate in my design. I want to keep things fresh and fun.  New designs and techniques and materials keep me excited about what's to come.  I do admit, I get nervous that someday no one will like my stuff, just paranoid, I guess.  I do have a lot of faith in God and when things are slow or I get discouraged, I try to remember that He is in control.  No matter how big or small my business it, it's all from Him, so I try not to worry.  As long as my priorities are straight and God is my focus and then my family, my business seems to do great.  It's a balancing act though and not an easy one.
My hats are available online at and facebook, of course.  In Gilbert, you can find my hats at Designer Boulevard.  I just introduced Petalz, my new hat accessories and they are only available online.

Thanks for sharing with us! I just love her story! I love that Rhonda was just doing what she loved and didn't just follow her dreams, but chased after them. I love her honesty, openness, and willingness to support other's dreams by supporting non-profit organizations such as Leigh's Blankies. Here's the "halo" that supports that organization:

{ follow } If you'd like to keep in touch with Rhonda, feel free to follow her on Facebook and bookmark her website, HaloHatz. She often posts sneak peeks, pictures, new products, creative struggles, overcoming those struggles and more on her Facebook page. 

{ photography info } All photographs are owned by HaloHatz and were taken by the talented: J. Ashton Photography and Becca Lynn Photography. 

Rhonda has definitely inspired me to keep chasing after my own dreams in regards to my small business. Who knows if it will ever grow as big as HaloHatz? Who knows what may or may not happen? But I know what I love to do, and I know what I want to do. So I'm going to keep doing, and see what might happen. Anyone with me?


  1. Such beautiful products! Great blog feature!

  2. Nice shots and good feature Regina!

  3. Rhonda - I am beyond thrilled for you!!!
    Your hats, your photos are awesome.
    You go girl!!

    God Bless You, my dear!


  4. Lovely post - love your generosity of promoting HaloHats.

  5. Those hats are so chic & pretty! Her photography is great too. Love hearing about creative women succeeding!

  6. Those hats are super cute, and I love your blog. It's a really cool design.



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