Monday, April 16, 2012

goodies : coffee cups

Hi y'all! 

First off, I have to say "THANK YOU" and give a BIG HUG to everyone who commented on last night's post about me being a foster mom and some of the things I'm dealing with. I almost didn't post it because it wasn't a light read and reading it makes me emotional. But I'm glad I did... y'all are the greatest! All of the sweet comments made me even more emotional, but also gave me a lot of encouragement. 

Also, thanks for everyone for stopping by my new "About Me" page. I can't believe I've been blogging for nearly 3 years and had never written one. Whoops! lol!

And now... on to today's Goodies!!

Here's a little something you may not know about me... I love (and collect) coffee cups. Not all of them, just certain ones for certain reasons. I especially love Starbucks coffee cups that are especially artsy, cool or just scream, "take me home!!!" I'm really considering boxing up some coffee cups from our dinnerware sets that we never use, just to make room for the important coffee cups that I like the most and use a lot. 

Here are some lovely coffee cups from Etsy that I am loving : 

| image source : Brookish - $16 |
I've loved everything in this shop from the moment I discovered it. For the past couple of years, I've dropped hints to the husband about certain items from this shop that I want. So far, I've got nothing. This year, I posted the exact listings on his facebook page. Maybe he'll get the "hint"... ;) 

| image source : StarLightClay - $20 |
Isn't this just lovely?? And I love the odd base of the cup. 

| image source : dorothydomingo - $40 |
I just adore pottery! The various colors, the different glazes, it's all so beautiful and lovely! The shapes and colors in this set have me swooning!

| image source : Instead of Zzs - $7 |
Mustaches are everywhere! But I'm not getting tired of them just yet, so I really like this coffee cup!

| image source : DianaParkhouse - $13.81 |
Those house are so cute and dainty, I just love this cup! It makes me want to go find some dinnerware at thrift shops and start drawing and painting on them. 

| image source : sundaysam - $32 |
I really love these! I've got a thing for owls and these owls are just perfect in every way! I'll take these for my birthday if anyone is looking for a present to get me. ;)

| image source : PromisePotter - $20 |
I delight in the simple things. Like this mug. It's simple, classy, and is just waiting for someone to purchase for Mother's Day. You realize that is coming up soon right? ;) 

| image source : BackBayPottery - $88 |
More gorgeous pottery! I love the aqua color, the pattern, and the swirl on the bottom. 
| image source : CraftUnikat - $87 |
This is great. I imagine drinking my morning coffee out of this and getting lost in the black and white dream landscape.  

| images source : BlueSkyPottery - $26 |
I simply couldn't pick a favorite, so I had to go with all three. I love the glaze on these cups. It's absolutely stunning! And I can't look at the "Marry Me" one without singing the song by Train. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, or maybe you do but you love the song like I do, here's the video:

I especially love the intro. ♥

Do you have anything that you love and collect?


  1. I cannot find a mug large enough to accomodate the amount of coffee I drink in the morning. LOL I think I am addicted.

    I love and collect ephemera of all kinds which makes for a lot of clutter. I do have a kazillion boxes and try to keep it all organized i.e postcards, greeting cards, gift tags, vintage papers(advertising) stickers, and of course my wonderful collection of ACEO's.


  2. Thank you so much Regina for featuring me among these beauties.

  3. Gorgeous coffee mugs. I collect books: Ladybird books and Dick Bruna books especially.

  4. I love looking through all the coffee mugs at the thrift store!! You can find some really fun and interesting mugs there! I love that one with the little houses on it! So cute!!


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