Monday, March 12, 2012

me : a rare, ranting post... and then I get over it.

Mostly, my blog posts are positive and upbeat. Sometimes a little raw and serious. But every once in a while, when the conditions are just right, I feel the need to rant. 

So here is my ranting post, because it's my blog and I can rant if I want to. haha. 

Things That Completely Irk Me Lately

Spring Forward. I blame my need to rant mostly on this. I hate Spring Forward. I'm perfectly fine with keeping Daylight Savings Time all year around. Let's stop the madness of Spring-ing Forward and Fall-ing Back. It just makes me very grouchy in the spring. 

Lingo like "totes" for totally, "cray cray" for crazy, "adorbs" for adorable, and more. You're typing on a computer or phone keyboard. It's not that much more effort to spell out the actual word. If you're not a court reporter, stop trying to use shorthand. If you think it's "cool" and "hip", remember, at one point bangs that were 4 inches high were cool and hip, and you wouldn't want to have that now, now would you?

The wind. I've gotten used to the fact that here in West Texas, it's really windy. But I'm bummed that the days I want to work outside, or go to a baseball game, it's extremely windy. Sometimes to the point of a dust storm. But even if there's not a dust storm, I can't take BB outside in that mess or he'll be wheezing terribly in no time. :( So come on wind, let us play outside a little bit. 

Paying the mortgage on a house we haven't lived in in 8 months. Seriously. The house needs to sell SOON! I'd like to keep that extra money each month to do other things. Like getting out of debt. Going on an actual vacation with my husband. Fact: Joey and I have never been on a vacation or weekend getaway together. Not even a honeymoon. Fact: I have a long list of places for us to go and things for us to do . Fact: We can't do those things until that house sells. 

Various pregnancy pictures on facebook. Stop. Before some of you get mad, keep reading, because some pictures are okay. But, I don't want to see your pregnancy test stick. You've pee'd on that thing. There are other ways of posting the great news. Save that picture for the scrapbook only. Also, I don't want to see your bare belly. I love pregnancy pictures, but I want you to be fully clothed. And not taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror. There's also a possibility that this irks me because 1) the age and background of some of these ladies/girls and 2) I haven't been pregnant before and therefore do not understand. It's possible. 


Okay, so life isn't all bad and there are some things that I'm excited about. 

Things That I'm Excited About:
(catchy title huh?)

This afternoon I'll be driving to Hobbs, NM, for dinner with my friend Sharilyn! I'm pretty excited about that... it's been way too long! Also, I went to find a picture of us and there's not one. This is terrible. I will fix that tonight!

Wednesday, I'm driving to Oklahoma City for work stuff. I'll be driving all day Wednesday, working Thursday and Friday, and driving back home on Saturday. But the good news is I'll get to spend some time with these girls:

And we are (hopefully) going to The Cheesecake Factory and Anthropologie. Two places I've never been before. I'm pretty excited!!

I finally got Joey's office about 85% complete. I still need to print off new pictures for his picture frames, buy some decorations and organization stuff, and rearrange a few things. Other than those minor details, his anniversary present is practically complete. And he loves it! YAY! :) 

So see... even with my rant, there are still great things to look forward to so life isn't all bad. haha... :) 

Anything irk-ing you lately? Or something coming up that you're excited about? 

Do tell... 


  1. what? never been to anthropologie, well then you must go with your friends! sounds like a great week catching up with good friends.

  2. Everyone deserves to have a good rant every now and again! I completely agree with you about the shortening of words! It is one thing that I absolutely can't stand. And the pregnancy stuff on facebook is totally out of hand. It has become complete baby-fest on there. Maybe that's just because I don't have kids and all, but I still think it's ridiculous! Have fun at Anthropologie-- it's pretty awesome!

  3. Stop the presses!!!! Never been to Cheesecake Factory? Girrrrl, I will meet you there any time...hmmm halfway point bn TX and Chicago??? Seriously, I love that place.

    In regards to the ranting, finally someone who understands how much I loath springing forward. I can barely wake up in the morning as it is & now you have my brain all wigged out because it feels like it is getting up an hour earlier! Absurd!! And....I couldn't agree more about the pregnancy thing on FB & like you said maybe its because I have never been pregnant before but considering I don't like to bare my belly now I can't imagine I will then either & before I write a whole novel here (wait who's ranting now??) I always, always, always think the same thing when I see the post of the pee stick. No, the first thing that comes to mind isn't "congrats you're pregnant!" It's "Ill, you peed on that!" Okay. I am done now.

  4. I am in agreement with all of your rants! LOL
    I am still reeling from the Spring ahead. It has never been a good time for me.

    My rant would about incompetence - so much of it around.

    Have fun with your friends.

  5. Enjoyed reading your rant. I haven't (thankfully) come across those particular abbreviations, but I am right there with you on disliking them. And sadly, I am old enough to have had extremely short bangs, but I hated them even then. My mom trimmed them and they kept getting shorter and shorter as she tried to get them straight.

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team,
    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  6. Your rants made me laugh - I can relate to all of them, and I'd add that "texts-speak" abbreviations drive me nuts. Proper grammar and spelling never go out of style!

    I'm not sure why FB has become a magnet for the pregnancy/baby crowd, and while I never see that stuff myself, I've heard plenty about it...along with parents posting gross details (or worse yet - photos!) of things that have come out of one end of their baby or toddler - nasty!

    I've never been to a Cheesecake Factory to eat before (or Anthropologie, for that matter), so you can enjoy that for me as well ;).

    Stopping by from the Etsy blogger team...

  7. Totally agree about Spring Forward. My sister was saying yesterday that the reason Ben Franklin started DST was to give farmers more time for farming. Well I don't know if they even still need it now, but even if they do, why should everyone be on farmer time?

    I wasn't aware of those particular abbreviations, but I agree about them too. What's wrong with actual words? "cray cray" isn't even shorter than "crazy" so what's the point?

    Never had a vacation together? Not cool.

    Also agree about pregnancy pics but nothing to add ;-)

    Cheesecake Factory is awesome! I love the fried zucchini, if you like zucchini and fried stuff you should definitely try that. Comes with garlic ranch sauce, yummy yum.

  8. TOTALLY WITH YOU, Regina (or as my daughter would say, to our dismay, "Totes") GAG MEEEE! In order to make her stop, I obnoxiously abbreviate anything and everything to her, to the point where she has no idea what I'm saying. HA!
    And I hate hate hate daylight savings time! I get the evil eye when I say that around here, so it is so nice to be able to admit it in a semi-public forum with no fear of retaliation! Thank you!:-) I always heard it was a thing the government did to give them more daylight when they left work, which makes me even madder at it. And the farmers in the midwest don't even USE it! There are DST-free areas because of the farmers because the animals don't understand it, so it's useless to them.
    I fully empathize and sympathize with the house not selling. Ours didn't sell for 19 months, dear one. Use this as a way of seeing what the Lord wants you to do. Trust Him. He knows, and He is faithful! Praying for you!
    With love!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see you this weekend!!! It's going to be wonderful!


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