Thursday, March 8, 2012

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi y'all! Happy Thursday! We've got a wonderful little dust storm going on here in west Texas so everything outside is a lovely shade of brown. Blegh. Have I mentioned how much I hate the wind out here? There are two things I don't like about living here: 1) Being so far from my friends and family in OK and 2) the dust storms. But, I've got friends and a church family here, and some days the wind doesn't blow and I wouldn't appreciate them as much if I didn't have the dusty, windy days. There's that silver lining. You can always find one somewhere. ;) 

Anyway, I've been a bit of a bad blogger lately. I haven't been keeping up with my own series, I've been pretty hit and miss on the blogs I have been posting and I haven't even been keeping up with many other blogs. I've been going through a bit of a blogging rut. Have you ever been there? I've also been going through a bit of a rut with a lot of things: crafting, my Etsy shops, blogging, writing... it's like my creative side just got worn out. But I think I'm about to come out of my rut. I've got some cleaning and organizing to do in my office and I'm hoping to get back in the creative swing of things very soon. How do you handle those ruts? What pulls you out of them?

In honor of pulling myself out of the rut and getting back in touch with my creative side, I'm getting back in touch with my regular blog series: thursday thoughtfuls. But I'm changing it up just a bit. Not only will I include a quote and lovely art with the quote on it, but I'll also be discussing that quote (or quotes if I decide to do more in one post) more in depth and some thoughts I've been having in relation to that specific quote. 

So here we go... kicking off the new (and perhaps improved) thursday thoughtfuls series : 

| image source : Lexiphilia |

Okay, if you read my Oscar post you know that I'm trying very hard to be a better person. I'm trying to not be judgmental or critical of people. Including celebrities and the crazy things they do/wear. Including moms that raise/handle their kids differently than I would. Including women who dress or act differently than I do. Including people who treat people a certain way without thinking of how that might make those people feel. Who am I to judge? Who am I to think thoughts about, or give looks to a mom who might be trying her very best in that given moment even if it's not what I would do? Who am I to say if someone's outfit is terrible (this is back to the celebrity thing... why do I think that I have the right to judge someone just because everyone else does?)? Who am I to criticize a person based on their actions? 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about this A-Ha Moment I had. I've been thinking about that moment and about how easily we criticize and judge other people. I think it starts with celebrities and all those magazines, news reports, and articles about all the things they wear, say, do that are wrong/inappropriate/hot or not/bizarre/the list really could go on and on. And then, we get so comfortable with celebrity gossip, that we turn it on each other. I know as a mom I worry sometimes if I'm doing the right thing with BB at times. And I've gotten these "looks" from someone that I consider a friend that have made me feel like I'm doing a bad job. Or at least a bad job in their eyes. And it makes me feel inadequate. And the last thing you want to feel as a parent is inadequate. As if I haven't dealt with enough feelings of inadequacy in my life with my body image, self-respect, being a good wife, being able to have children or not have children, being a good mom to these foster kids we get, forgiving myself for past mistakes, and so on and so on. 

So, when I saw this quote, I just had to use it for today. I guess you could say I'm adding to my list of goals for 2012 the goal of being a better person. Not being judgmental. Not being critical. But instead, being understanding, being compassionate, being kind and just being better. 

What do you need to try a little harder to be a little better at?


  1. I have not blogged in a very long time but I seem to be working a post out in my head. I suppose when I am ready, I will.

    How can I be a better person? This is something that I have been working on little by little for the past few years and I believe I have conquered the part where we, as people, feel we have the right to criticize someone else. Particularly, when it comes to outer appearances. I look into the heart.


  2. I go through those RUTS all the time with blogging, crafting, my Etsy shop, blah, blah, blah....and allowing yourself the break from these things I find is the best way to overcome the rut anyways so just go with the flow!

    What do I need to try a little harder to be better at? Patience, especially in front of my husband. I am so patient with the outside world but you know how you show your true colors with the ones you love? It is usually when I am sleep deprived but he doesn't deserve to see me lose it when I am running late for work I can;t get the lid off the peanut butter jar!


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