Wednesday, March 7, 2012

inspiration : march mood board

Hi y'all! And hellooooo March! So we're almost a week into March and I still haven't posted my march mood board. Well... that's partly because March found me far too quickly this year and I was busy with work, a sick little boy and preparing for a weekend women's retreat. Which was AMAZING! 

We arrived Thursday night { late, but we got there safely } and came home Sunday afternoon. There were 50+ women at Mountain View Christian Camp in Ruidoso , NM and it was wonderful time! I'm already looking forward to going back in October and hopefully being a "staffer" this time, and hopefully taking some friends and family with me. Coming home Sunday, we made a few stops in Ruidoso first at a nice coffee shop and two lovely boutiques and then back to Texas we went. Even the ride home was wonderful as me and the two girls I rode with had a heart to heart along the way... as if we didn't have enough heart to hearts during the retreat. I'm excited because I think I made some long-lasting friendships and strengthened/renewed friendships I already had. 

However, I was incredibly disappointed in myself when I got home to realize I had only taken ONE picture the entire weekend and even that wasn't even of me. Oh well, everything else I did was much more important. :) 

But, all that aside, here we are almost a week into March so I think it's time to post my March mood board. 

For me, March means green. All shades of green from shamrocks and clover to light green buds on the trees. Usually in February/March I start getting garden fever and am ready to get outside to play in the dirt! This March is no exception. I've already got a list going of seeds I want to plant this year, plans drawn out for raised garden beds, and I've got sprinklers going in the yard right now. 

That garden fever and green-love provides the inspiration for this mood board along with some lovely geometric patterns { because I really like geometric things right now } :

March 2012 mood board


  1. That dress is leather?
    You always have such pretty choices, but how would you wear those heels? lol

    I would also love to know how you do those collages?


  2. So pretty & springy. The tote caught my eye the most though! Sorry to hear about the sick kiddo. That's no fun:( Hope he is better now!

  3. Very pretty choice. I am glad you had a great time at the womens' retreat!

  4. Great mood board - totally gets me excited for spring! So fun to finally get into green and florals!

  5. oooh i love that board! seriously i am so ready for spring. i love those wedges and that maxi dress well not together separate though. happy thursday regina!


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