Friday, March 23, 2012

goodies : geometric patterns (UPDATED)

I'm not embarrassed to admit it, I'm usually the last one to catch on to a trend. Maybe that would help explain my "uncoolness" factor in high school. { And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read yesterday's post. ;) } I was against skinny jeans when I first saw them. I thought animal prints were tacky. Okay, so those can still be tacky if done wrong. And I wasn't crazy about geometric patterns. Maybe it was the terrible flashback to geometry class. Okay not really, I actually didn't mind geometry too much. (But don't tell my uncle! haha) But more likely, I just thought it looked to mod-hipster for me. But now, I have to say, the geometric patterns are growing on me. I love the pattern in them, I've always been a girl for patterns. I also love that sometimes there are no patterns. What can I say, I'm neither right-brain nor left-brain. I'm straight-down-the-middle-brain. I love the variations in color palettes. How they can be soft and pastel, or bold and bright, or even a combination of the two. There's a uniqueness to them. Almost like laying on your back on a summer day and picking shapes out of fluffy white clouds. 

Whatever it is about them, right now, I'm in to them.

And here are some most lovely finds from Etsy, that I can't stop looking at:

| image source : CCADesign |
It says "I'm classy. And I know it."

| image source : iluxo |
This one totally makes me think of a fluffy white cloud. I keep staring at it trying to find as many animals in it as I can.  

| image source : ClassicByNature | 
Gorgeous! The pattern and the colors are just perfect!

| image source : webbedware | 

| image source : tovicorrie | 

| image source : UrbanAnalog |
These look so cool! I'm wondering how I might convince the hubby to let me purchase these.  

| image source : knobbly |
These are so pretty!! 

| image source : geodora | 
This is so simple, yet it's so lovely at the same time!

| image source : RetoMenagerie | 
I love the colors! They are almost perfect for BB's room! Well, when we finally get to decorate it!

| image source : ArchetypeZ | 

| image source : BooandBooFactory | 
I love how pretty this is! Like staring at a stained glass window. 

| image source : PALELOCHIC |
This looks like a fun print for summer time decor.  

| image source : AriannaBelle | 
This is sooo pretty! I love the pattern and the colors!

| image source : sewZinski | 
This makes me want to go thrifting and draw on dishes! Is that weird?

| image source : LampShadeDesigns | 

| image source : booandboofactory | 
So pretty and fun! 

| image source : SelaDesigns |
Love this. I want this in about 10 different colors right now.  

UPDATED : SelaDesigns is offering a 10% discount to my readers right now. Just enter LIVEDELIGHTFULLY10 at checkout. 

| image source : molipop | 
I. LOVE. THESE. I wish we already had a little girl that I could buy these for!

| image source : verabel |
A lovely locket! 

Are you ever the last to pick up on a trend? What was it? Anything you're loving right now?


  1. Hi Regina!

    Thank you for the mention! I added a link to your blog from my facebook pg:



  2. Great finds! (Thanks for including my baby booties) ♥ Molipop

  3. All of these are are so awesome! I especially like the yellow and gray pillows, but all of them are fabulous.

  4. Lovely post! I love geometric prints, and they only get better and better as the trend continues. Thanks for including my ceramic bowl. And no it's not weird to go thrifting and paint on ceramics... That's what I do! It's fun! Give it a try. :)

  5. I am not quick to pick up on trends either. Great geometric features! I love all of the pillows and the chunky candle holders.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  6. Straight-down-the-middle brain... I love it =)
    Thank your for featuring my mint earrings, I really enjoyed reading this post. xo from a fellow sdtm-brainer!
    Gittit (from Knobbly on Etsy)

  7. The 60's did have geometric patterns also, maybe mostly Modrian-like.

    I am finding that the art of today is truly so much more imaginative than back then. Of course, not speaking of the "masters" but we, as artisans can be so much more creative.

    You really do have an eye for colors, patterns and fashion.

  8. Nice choices!
    I'm also 'straight down the middle brain'ed :)

  9. I am definitely one of the last ones to get the trends too! And sometimes by the time I want to try it out, the trend is over! I usually still wear whatever it is though, even if its gone "out of style"!

    Definitely with ya on the middle-brain thing too! I kinda just do what I want, and like what I like! Have a great weekend girl! :)

  10. Great post Regina! Thank you for featuring our candlesticks!

  11. Thank you so much for the featuring, I am thrilled about to be chosen amongst so many talented artists

  12. Ooooh, I love these selections! Great theme :) Thank you so much for including my Abstract Molecules necklace. I will be sure to mention your blog on my Facebook page - feel free to "Like" on Facebook :)
    Best wishes!

  13. Great geometric collection! Thanks so much for including my bamboo earrings in your blog post. :)

  14. I am the same way with trends....always a day late and a dollar short..LOL I love the geometric look wiht pillows, they are my fave!

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