Friday, March 30, 2012

me : weekly loves

While looking through my Instagram pics this week and thinking about the bliggity blog, I put the two together and realized it's been a L-O-N-G time since I've done a "Weekly Loves" post. Time to remedy that. Right... now. 

I love the current project I have going on in my office. From picking out color combinations... 

... to putting the colors together to make a lovely Rain Cloud Mobile. This one is called "Pacific Rain". 

The mobile for BB's room. It's about to go over his bed. :)

I love my "new" { to me } typewriter. I've got a couple projects I want to do soon and I'll share those here when I do. :) 
And if you know the significance of this sentence, "You are a lone reed..." being typed on a typewriter, then you and I can be friends. 

I don't know why, but two weeks ago I was craving these things like crazy. Not that I eat them all that much, but for some reason I really wanted them. So I bought some. I ate half the pack in like a day. Then I let Joey help me finish them off and bought a new pack this week. This pack is surviving a lot longer. I love having something sweet and fruity around.  But they're not very diet-friendly, so I'm sure I won't be buying anymore for a while. 

I love my new Burt's Bees. I've been wanting some chap stick with a bit of shimmer or bit of color to it. So this week I bought this Burt's Bees, and I also bought Soft Lips Pearl. I can barely stop smelling the Soft Lips Pearl because it smells so good. But I feel the shimmer is too much and just a heavy, dark lip-liner away from being a bad 90's makeup job. { Think Spice Girls, Ginger Spice. } The Burt's Bees has a lighter shimmer and a minty smell. Both are better for this girl. 

The other morning it was slightly foggy out. The moisture in the air made everything smell wonderful, and it looked pretty awesome too. I love nature. As long as it means I can still sleep in a bed and use a real bathroom and shower. ;) I also love spring, mornings, spring mornings, Instagram, and life. And the fact that it's Friday and the weekend is upon us!

What are you loving these days?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

me : my current love

I can't remember now where I saw this, (maybe on a commercial?) but right now I'm crazy for HauteLook. Have you heard of it? It's a place to "discover thousands of the top fashion and lifestyle brands at amazing savings. Each day at 8 AM Pacific, shop new sale events featuring the best names in women's and men's fashion and accessories, beauty, kids' apparel and toys, and home d├ęcor at up to 75% off. Membership is free and everyone is welcome!" I downloaded the app on my iPhone and now spend some of my free time (or my time watching TV) browsing through the app or the online site. It's so wonderful! Unfortunately, I discovered this little gem right at the beginning of me tightening the hubby and I's spending, BUT maybe in a couple months, I'll treat myself to some of the many lovely things I've found so far. 

The site has everything from fashion accessories to home decor, in styles to fit everyone's tastes. I did notice last night that they are running a "Bridal Special" where you can find anything from your wedding dress, to the perfect bridesmaids' gifts. It's such a fun site! 

Here are some of the things that I'm currently crushing on: 

This is under the category "Perfect Bridesmaid", but I'm thinking this would be lovely for attending weddings as a guest, not just as a bridesmaid. 

Seriously. How cute is this?? I love this color, and the green color below!

This almost makes me miss the hardwood floors of our old house... almost. ;) 

I want these so bad!! Curse budgeting!!! Haha

That's all I'm going to show you for now. You'll just have to head over there and check things out yourself. There's SOOOO much stuff at Hautelook and new items are added daily. Remember, membership is free but sales don't last forever. 

It's totally my new crush. ;) If you try it out, let me know what you think! 

Anyone have anything fun and new (to them) that you've discovered?

Friday, March 23, 2012

goodies : geometric patterns (UPDATED)

I'm not embarrassed to admit it, I'm usually the last one to catch on to a trend. Maybe that would help explain my "uncoolness" factor in high school. { And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read yesterday's post. ;) } I was against skinny jeans when I first saw them. I thought animal prints were tacky. Okay, so those can still be tacky if done wrong. And I wasn't crazy about geometric patterns. Maybe it was the terrible flashback to geometry class. Okay not really, I actually didn't mind geometry too much. (But don't tell my uncle! haha) But more likely, I just thought it looked to mod-hipster for me. But now, I have to say, the geometric patterns are growing on me. I love the pattern in them, I've always been a girl for patterns. I also love that sometimes there are no patterns. What can I say, I'm neither right-brain nor left-brain. I'm straight-down-the-middle-brain. I love the variations in color palettes. How they can be soft and pastel, or bold and bright, or even a combination of the two. There's a uniqueness to them. Almost like laying on your back on a summer day and picking shapes out of fluffy white clouds. 

Whatever it is about them, right now, I'm in to them.

And here are some most lovely finds from Etsy, that I can't stop looking at:

| image source : CCADesign |
It says "I'm classy. And I know it."

| image source : iluxo |
This one totally makes me think of a fluffy white cloud. I keep staring at it trying to find as many animals in it as I can.  

| image source : ClassicByNature | 
Gorgeous! The pattern and the colors are just perfect!

| image source : webbedware | 

| image source : tovicorrie | 

| image source : UrbanAnalog |
These look so cool! I'm wondering how I might convince the hubby to let me purchase these.  

| image source : knobbly |
These are so pretty!! 

| image source : geodora | 
This is so simple, yet it's so lovely at the same time!

| image source : RetoMenagerie | 
I love the colors! They are almost perfect for BB's room! Well, when we finally get to decorate it!

| image source : ArchetypeZ | 

| image source : BooandBooFactory | 
I love how pretty this is! Like staring at a stained glass window. 

| image source : PALELOCHIC |
This looks like a fun print for summer time decor.  

| image source : AriannaBelle | 
This is sooo pretty! I love the pattern and the colors!

| image source : sewZinski | 
This makes me want to go thrifting and draw on dishes! Is that weird?

| image source : LampShadeDesigns | 

| image source : booandboofactory | 
So pretty and fun! 

| image source : SelaDesigns |
Love this. I want this in about 10 different colors right now.  

UPDATED : SelaDesigns is offering a 10% discount to my readers right now. Just enter LIVEDELIGHTFULLY10 at checkout. 

| image source : molipop | 
I. LOVE. THESE. I wish we already had a little girl that I could buy these for!

| image source : verabel |
A lovely locket! 

Are you ever the last to pick up on a trend? What was it? Anything you're loving right now?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Happy Thursday everyone! We had a bit of a cold spell this week, but supposedly the rest of the week and the weekend are supposed to be GORGEOUS! I'm excited! I'm hoping to do a little mowing and yard work this weekend, but I'm not getting my hopes up. The last few times I've wanted to work in the yard it's been ridiculously windy. I keep thinking I'll wait and do it on a non-windy day but I'm starting to figure out that here in west Texas, the wind doesn't stop very often. And it's strange because we only moved about 50 miles from our last home but this place seems so much more windy than the other. Maybe it's because we live across from an open field. That's as good of a theory as any I suppose. 

Anyway, enough of me rattling on about wind and yard work. I'm sure you don't care much for either of those things... ;) So on with the show!!

| image source : LitPrints |

I went to the same school from Headstart through graduation. There was a small group of us that had been together through it all. Our school was extremely small and just like any school, ours had it's cliques and groups. But unlike some bigger schools, a lot of our cliques and groups overlapped. For example, I played sports and was therefore a "jock". I made good grades, was in the G/T and honors program so I was a "brain". I had friends in the "nerd group" in the "weird group" in pretty much every group. And while I was popular and friendly with most people, I never made it into the "cool" group. Mostly, because I didn't have the pricey, "cool" clothes. But also, because I was a little different. I had no interest in drinking, partying and having sex as many people at my school were obsessed with. I enjoyed reading and what I call "smart" humor. I also found things funny that others didn't. I could create elaborate stories in no time and could put on a comedic routine at retreats late at night. I had no problem with laughing at myself, as long as others laughed too. And honestly, sometimes even when they didn't. I could crack myself up and keep myself laughing for a while. 

I remember there came a time when one of my best friends at the time started distancing herself from me. Ever so slightly, so it took me a while to notice. I eventually realized that some people thought I was "immature". To them, being immature meant not wanting to do the "mature" things they were doing like cussing, gossiping, drinking, partying, having sex, putting people down, disrespecting themselves, their parents, their teachers and anyone in authority. But I was okay with it. Eventually, my friend and I reconnected and are still best friends. 

Several years after high school I was living in Oklahoma City and was living a more "mature" life. I tried putting aside my notions for being wacky and whimsical. I didn't want to be the "weird" one anymore, the "immature" one. But it wasn't me. Eventually I met a new friend. She was funny, lively, she could make people laugh and turn around and say something deep that would hang with your for days, months if not years. She helped me, unknowingly, break through the shell I had put around myself, trying to not be "too much" or "not enough" of something. She helped me be completely okay with being me. If she had been in my high school, she would have been considered "immature". But as my friend, I think she's perfect. We laugh together, cry together, quote movies together, create elaborate plans and breathe deeply the wild air of life. We're silly together. We laugh at things and make light of most situations. 

I've been friends with her now for almost 7 years. When I saw this print, I loved it instantly. Of course, I love anything Jane Austen specifically Pride and Prejudice. But I also  love it because it reminds me of my dear friend and it also reminds me that having a lively, playful disposition is perfectly okay. And everyone needs to delight in anything ridiculous at some point. I've realized that being mature has everything to do with being true to yourself and respecting others. 

When did you come to terms with "being yourself" no matter what? Was it an epiphany of sorts, or did you just grow into it slowly? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

me : The Post Where I Catch Up

{ Settle in for a long read, it's a lengthy post. }

It's been a week since my ranting post. But it feels like a month ago. First off, thanks everyone for the support and the encouragement of said rant. I agree, sometimes it's good to let off some steam, rant about something and then really get over it and put it behind you. Well, not really put it behind you, because people are still going to say things like "adorbs" in their tweets and statuses. And unfortunately, for all of us, people are still going to post pictures of their "pee-sticks" for us to see. Which is why I'm most certain this current generation should be nicknamed Generation O. For over share. 

But, now that the actual rant is out of my system, I feel much better. And after the amazing week I had last week, I feel completely, overwhelmingly blessed with fantastic friendships that keep getting stronger and better as we all get older. So here's a recap of everything:

Last Monday I got off work and drove to Hobbs, NM, for some time with my friend Sharilyn. Sharilyn and I became friends when we were in the same class at Texas Tech and I felt terribly bad for her because she was on crutches at the start of the semester, and she felt terribly bad for me thought it was too hilarious when a substitute professor mispronounced my name in class while taking roll. { I'm from America. Not from Canada. You're a substitute teacher at Texas Tech. Let's use some common sense here and pronounce a name correctly. There's a possibility I still harbor some annoyance at said substitute professor. } Anyway, Sharilyn and I became friends, took more classes together at TTU and have spent countless hours sharing life and laughs since then. A couple years ago she moved back home to Hobbs and we haven't gotten to see each other much anymore. BUT, when Joey and I moved to Plains, I was happy to discover that Sharilyn is now only about 45 minutes away from me. YAY! So Monday I went to see her and had a wonderful time. We went to the casino for dinner and I also donated $20 to the poor owners of the casino. I had never been to a casino before then and honestly, I don't get it. I didn't understand any of the games we played and it was smoky. Maybe it would be different if the games were fun, but the only game that provided some entertainment was a game that had cute penguins on it. Cute penguins that took $14 from me. Fail. When we were saying goodbye, I remembered that we didn't have one single picture of us together, so I snapped a quick one before coming back home. It's terrible quality, but it'll have to do until the next time we're together. 

Tuesday, Joey and I went to Lubbock for BB's weekly visit and while waiting for BB we went to Barnes & Noble because I had given in to peer pressure and wanted to buy this:

I thought that with my trip to Oklahoma City coming up that week, it would give me something to read at night in the hotel. Turned out to be a pretty good plan. 

Wednesday I drove to Oklahoma City for work stuff. I stayed at The Skirvin Hilton in downtown OKC and didn't see one single ghost or apparition. Bummer. Why should I have seen something? Because The Skirvin is allegedly haunted. Also, I should note that Friday night I stayed at Comfort Suites in Edmond and was more impressed with things there than The Skirvin. Can you see over-rated? Because I can. But at least I did't have to pay for my nights at The Skirvin. How many times can I fit "The Skirvin" into one paragraph I wonder? I got to The Skirvin, checked in after some annoying desk clerk issues, and settled into a huge comfy bed for a couple hours of reading, watching TV and relaxing. Then I walked over to Zio's for dinner, went back to The Skirvin, ate dinner, showered and settled back in bed for a few more hours of reading. It was amazing. Eating without having to share my food with a toddler. Showering for as long as I want. Reading without being interrupted. In fact, I finished my book that night.

Thursday I worked all day, then met my friend Hillary at Barnes & Noble because I had to pick up these two books: 

Yes. It's safe to say I'm a fan of the trilogy. And again, just like Harry Potter and Twilight, I'm late coming to the show. But count me in, I love them! I finished Catching Fire last night and will be starting Mockinjay later today. :) 

After getting my books, Hillary and I went to Poblano Grill to eat some yummy Mexican food. We stayed there talking until they were taking apart booths and cleaning them. I didn't get a picture of us together DANG IT but I'll try better next time. :)

Friday involved more work, but when I got off of work I drove to Edmond and checked in to Comfort Suites that I found via Amanda arrived not too long later and then Ashley met us at the hotel for us to go to dinner. We went to The Cheesecake Factory where I had never been before and oh my goodness, it lived up to everything I was expecting. It was amazing and I'm so looking forward to going again and taking Joey. 

Ashley and I getting ready to go. 

Amanda and I waiting for our table. The wait really wasn't too bad at all. 

The grand finale! 
We had fried cheese and fried zucchini (per one of my readers suggestion) for appetizers. I had the chicken romano which was like a chicken parmigiana, and then I went for the Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake because I'd seen at least 5 of them pass by our table while we were eating and I wanted something classic and fruity. But next time, I'll try something new. Maybe. ;) Seriously, The Cheesecake Factory was heavenly goodness and I'm so thankful the girls took me. :) 

After that yummy trip, we went back to the hotel, told Ashley goodnight and set a time for meeting in the morning. 

Saturday we woke up and had brunch at Jimmy's Egg. I had never been there before and was quite hesitant to go. I'm not sure why, but the whole time I lived in OKC/Edmond I thought Jimmy's Egg as a rundown sort of place, comparable to a truckstop diner. Good heavens I was totally wrong. Due to IHOP being packed and Ashley saying how much her family likes Jimmy's egg { and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me } we went there. I was really wanting blueberry pancakes but didn't anticipate getting them at a place called Jimmy's Egg and not IHOP. I was wrong again. I got some delicious blueberry granola pancakes and some "fixins" as we Okies say. 


After Jimmy's Egg, we went back down to OKC to Anthropologie. Again, I've never been to Anthropologie before and it was everything I imagined it to be. I loved it. I didn't buy anything. This time. But I ooh'd and aah'd and dreamed and wished and I'm looking forward to another trip back. Here are some pics from our Anthro-trip:

My favorite owl.

But then, our time at Anthropologie was up and it was time to head back to Edmond to take the girls to their cars and time for me to head back to Texas. But not before goodbyes and several pictures:

Group shot by Ashley

photo by amanda

And that, dear friends, was my fabulous week. I got to try out some new things for the first time, spend lots of time laughing and eating, and feeling completely, overwhelmingly blessed for such wonderful friendships. Love you girls, can't wait till the next time!

And now that I'm back home in Texas, I'm definitely looking forward to getting my craft on. Watch out world, Regina's feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen or are you looking forward to anything coming up?