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me : typewriter love

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I'm 26. Which means I grew up in a world of computers. But that doesn't mean I grew up in a house of computers. These kids today growing up playing on computers, watching HDTVs, playing on iPads and having a cell phone when they're 9, it's crazy! The largest portion of my childhood was spent at my grandparents'. I lived with them for a long time and even when I didn't live with them, I was still at their house everyday, eating, catching the bus or just stopping by for a visit. 

My first computer was a Commodore 64 which looked something like this: 

I remember having a piece of paper beside the computer with a list of commands I would have to enter to do certain things. It was crazy. But I could type up things and print them out. 

At school, of course, we had better computers more quickly. First we had the ones in the computer lab that we played Oregon Trail on. That is, if you got to the computer lab early enough to get one of the huge floppy disks that worked. 

Then we got the new library and the new computer lab with the new computers. Where I got my first email address, played on Yahoo! Games for hours, learned about internet research and spam, chatted with people I didn't know, and also was humiliated by a game that mispronounced my name. But we'll save that story for another post...

It wasn't until my junior year, I think, that Granny and Papa got their first new computer. It was a Dell computer that my uncle had ordered for them and we had dial-up internet. Even so, that thing was awesome! I remember my senior year, rushing home from basketball or softball practice to get to the back bedroom where the computer was so I could chat on Yahoo! Messenger with my then boyfriend who lived over an hour away. We would chat for a while, while I worked on homework, and then I'd have to get offline to free up the phone line. But not before sending at least 87 emoticons to each other proclaiming our love. Haha... oh those were the days... 

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In college, Granny and Papa bought me my first laptop. A Dell, in blue which was cool, and weighed at least 50 pounds. 

But at some point, between the Commodore 64 and the Dell, I had a typewriter. Granny gave it to me, but I'm not sure where she got it. It came inside it's own yellowish case. It was a manual typewriter and it was really old, but I loved it. I typed up some of my poetry, and a story here and there. Eventually, I didn't have a need for my typewriter anymore, and I left it at my Dad's house. I thought about it, every now and then, but never picked it up when I was there visiting. Then a few weeks ago I was gearing up to go back to OK for my grandfather's 80th birthday and I called my step-mom to ask about my typewriter so they could have it out and ready and I could pick it up. She said she wasn't sure when she saw it last, but she'd have Dad look in the barn. 

Sad news. 

Dad had thrown out my typewriter a while ago thinking it was junk. Sad face. 

It's my fault, I know. I left it there for too long, abandoned. Sad typewriter. 

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So, after hearing that news, I've been on the quest for a new typewriter. I want a manual one, with a case, just like the one I had. There are LOTS of typewriters out there. Some electric, some manual. Lots of varying colors. 

I posted about my search on facebook and there's actually a lady I know from our last congregation that's going to give me an old typewriter of hers. I have no idea what it looks like, the model, the color or anything like that. But I'm excited!!! I'm also currently bidding on a lovely, tiny typewriter on eBay. it's very reasonably priced, small, in good working order and is ready to come home to me. But I'm madly in love with this one and also this one,  I just can't figure out how to convince Joey that I need to spend $400 on a typewriter. I already have several ideas for when I get my typewriter(s). Ideas that I'll share when I've completed them so I can show all of you how wonderful a typewriter is and why you need one too. 

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I wonder if I could get one in every color one day... Wouldn't that be a fun, colorful, and useful collection?!?!

And apparently, I'm not the only one who has typewriters on the brain. Today as I was getting on Etsy, I came across an article about... yep... typewriters. You can read all about it here

I don't know... maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I've completely lost it. When I posted on facebook about wanting a typewriter my uncle commented with, "What on earth for?" It wasn't unexpected. I mean, with iPads, iPhones, smart phones and all of that with all of their wonderful technological advances, why would someone want an old typewriter that they can't even check facebook on?

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What can I say, there's something oddly satisfying and soothing about the "clack, clack" of the typewriter keys, something wonderful about the gratification of each letter instantly appearing on paper, something nerve-racking about not having a "backspace" key (as the older ones do not) to erase any mistakes. (Gosh, imagine blogging without a "backspace" key!) Not to mention, the joy of feeding paper through, hearing the ding! at the end of each line, and that lovely musty smell that mine had. (Although my new one(s) may not have that same smell.)

Whatever reasons I have, they're all justified. And while I haven't been able to convince Joey to let me spend $400 on a typewriter yet, it may happen one day... who knows? But until then, I'm still excited about the one our friend is giving me and I'm still crossing my fingers for the little one on eBay that I've been swooning over all day. 

That's what I'm swooning over, have I convinced you to swoon yet? If not, what seemingly odd things do you swoon over from time to time?


{ I'm trying out a different, typewriter-inspired font. If I like it, it stays, if not, well, it's still suitable for this post. }


  1. Isn't it funny how something we took for granted back then we value greatly so much later? I recall an old antique typewriter in our basement growing up that I totally ignored and about a month ago a memory of that came back and I thought man would I have loved to have kept that thing!! So awesome that that lady is willing to give you hers!

    By the way our 76 year old secretary still works on a typewriter!!

  2. Ooooh, how cool that you had a typewriter for a while! I've always kind of wanted one (my mom had an electric "word processor" for a couple of years in the early 90s) but that's as close as I've gotten. I see them around at antique malls, but I'm holding out for one that works!

    And to the people who wonder what the heck a typewriter is for, I think it would be WAY more fun to type an impassioned letter with the clack of keys than poking your iPad.

  3. I've got an old electric typewriter in my classroom that I use to fill out old-fashioned deficiency reports on. The kids are amazed when I activate that thing.

    Uncle Tracy

  4. I've got an old electric typewriter in my classroom that I use to fill out old-fashioned deficiency reports on. The kids are amazed when I activate that thing.

    Uncle Tracy

  5. This post is great! I recently had to make divider labels, and after spending hours on word, I pulled out the typwriter and finished making labels in 15 minutes tops. It's amazing really how some of the technology today is a little too advanced!


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