Thursday, February 16, 2012

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi y'all! Happy Thursday! ♥ It feels so good to be back in the blogging world again. My mini-vacation this past weekend was wonderful, but I always like coming back to my home. My own bed. My own shower. My own schedule. It's nice. Especially when you have the drama that my family does. Whew! It's exhausting! 

I'm excited that today is Thursday! I love thursday thoughtfuls, plus we have our weekly Bible Study tonight. Several of us couples from church are going through the Fire Proof : Love Dare Bible Study. It's been great! I love having that time with other couples from church. 

Okay, on to the feature:

Some lovely typography/art/quotes/decor from some delightful Etsy shops:

{ image source : dazeychic }
I love this! Have you ever seen a bird with a french fry? Yeah, I wanna be that happy today! :) 

{ image source : jenzet }
There's a reason we are so emotionally connected to music. This explains everything.  
{ image source : KZukowski }
As a girl with freckles, I wholeheartedly agree.
And as one sweet lady told me, freckles are angel kisses. 

{ image source : Albee }
I love the typography of this, and the quote is great too.

{ image source : CantonBoxCompany }
I don't agree with Ms. Child that that is what human life is all about, but I sure agree with the first part. 

Did you notice that all of these quotes were from Etsy shops? Are you wondering why? If you've been following along with my blog any, you know that I love supporting/featuring Etsy shops, but that's not the only reason. I included these quotes because I could *credit* the source - unlike many quotes I find on Pinterest. Are you crediting your sources on your blog? I'm guilty of not always doing so. But I'm making a change for the better in that department. 
I'll be talking about this a lot more in the future. It's important and something I should have known better about, but ignored. Not any more. 
So be on the lookout for more of that discussion as well as more thursday thoughtfuls featuring Etsy shops. Which isn't a bad thing at all, because we all love Etsy right?


  1. Inspirational and fun as always!


  2. Thanks for sharing those great Etsy finds! I love Etsy and as an artist it makes me so happy to support fellow small business artists by buying gifts on Etsy or at local art shows. It is great to see that others feel the same way, and I love to see that you are crediting the artist and their site! I wasn't always great at that when I first started my blog, but lately I have been paying more attention and listing pattern designers, fabric lines, and books and blogs where I find inspiration.

  3. Thanks for sharing our Julia Child canvas! Really great finds!

  4. Manny and I are also doing the love dare!

  5. That's such a good idea! I've thought about using Etsy shops for the same reason. Crediting the correct source is definitely one of those things that can get pushed aside if you aren't intentional about it. Looking forward to what you have to say on the subject!


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