Thursday, February 2, 2012

inspiration : february mood board

I love February! In fact, I can't decide on just one mood board so I made a couple of them.  Here's the first one: 

February 2012 mood board (1)

Madewell button up shirt, $60
Vero Moda pink cardigan, €22
H&M slim fit jeans, £30
Black high heels, $40
Red Herring zig zag shoes, £20
Debut red clutch, £18
Coach handbag, $300
Wendy Mink ruby ring, $182
Mixit pearl ring, $6
Tarina Tarantino crystal earrings, $55
Peter Jensen knitted scarve, £28
OPI Nail Lacquer In ‘Suzi & The Lifeguard’, £11
Essie Pink Nail Polish Shades, $8
Velvet Tub Chair | Homeware | Oliver Bonas, £385
Monsoon LOVE Letters, £29
Essie 'Luxeffects' Topcoat, $8

I love all the shades of pinks. So pretty!

I've got several goals for February so it's going to be a busy month. 

1) Photograph, Edit & List more supplies for the supplies shop. 
2) Get at least 3 *new* products into the Live Delightfully shop. 
3) Clean out my office closet. It's seriously gotten ridiculous. Mainly because it's become the dumping ground for things I'm not sure what to do with. 
4) Get at least 2 different styles (other than bows) headbands listed in my shop. 
5) Make several bows headbands in preparation for a sponsorship I'm doing next month. 
6) Lose another 5 pounds. EEK!

Like I said, it's going to be a busy month. What have you got going on this month?


  1. I am so glad to be able to get back into your blog. I have a new/rebuilt computer now.
    I love the pink. I LOVE that cardigan.


  2. Pink just makes me happy. Thanks for the mood board mood boost ;-)

  3. I love pink! I associate with candy :b
    That velvet tub chair is gorgeous!


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