Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love Love { Part 2 } & a coupon

Music has been super important to mine and Joey's relationship and marriage. I wouldn't go so far as to say that music is the cement or glue of our relationship, but I will say that it's definitely the icing that covers our relationship and takes us from a boring cake, to a beautifully decorated masterpiece. Okay, perhaps I've been watching too many episodes of Cake Boss... But all that aside, hearing "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, immediately takes me back to when we were dating. Hearing "Open Arms" by Journey takes me back to riding around in Enid, OK, because we were hoping to eat at the Taco Bell there (but when we got there it had already closed for the night) and we held hands for the first time. Hearing "I'm In" by Radney Foster (or Keith Urban) takes me back to sitting on the ground watching and listening to Joey play the guitar while I sang back up for him. 

There are just some songs that are such a big part of our story that I can't help but think about a certain chapter of our life when I hear them. 

Here are some of my favorite love songs: cheesy, romantic, the works. ;) 

Yes, I'm definitely a Taylor Swift fan. But what I really love about this song is the lines "life makes love look hard/ the stakes are high, the water's rough/but this love is ours." It's so true.

Another bit of country flavor. It's a long video. You could watch it all, or you could just skip to the 4:50 mark and listen to the song. Either way is good. 

Perfect for summer lovin'. 

What are some of your songs for you and your significant other?

I'd love to hear them! 

Also, if you have any crafting projects you'd like to work on this weekend, you might start with this coupon first. 

It's a spend $5 or more and get $5 off your purchase coupon. 

It's only good today and tomorrow!

There are some exclusions, so please read the coupon. 

Spend $5 Get $5 off

You can also find the coupon here


  1. Regina - what a sweet and sentimental heart you have. I love "You Save Me".

    Love your posts♥


  2. nothing wrong with a little kenny chesney!! love that song of his

  3. Thanks for posting the Michael's coupon! Just printed one out. Will have to head there tomorrow to take advantage of that!

    Visiting from the Etsy Blog Team

  4. I love Jason Mraz!!! The song Drops of Jupitor from Train always brings back memories and not because it has anything in it that relates to us but I remember the first summer we spent apart & I stayed at school & was working at a yogurt shop & that song was ALWAYS on & I was ALWAYS missing that brings back memories. And of course our wedding song The Way you Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra will always be a fave!!


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