Monday, February 27, 2012

fashion : What I {Would Have} Worn

Hi y'all! Did you have a fabulous weekend? Mine was pretty good! I was planning on having this posted yesterday, but I got wrapped up in various things and didn't get it done. Oh well, it's my blog, I can be late if I want to. ;)

 Did you watch the Oscars? I didn't. Too be honest, I don't really care who wins what in any category. Mainly, because I usually completely disagree with the choices. Usually the awards go to some movie I haven't even seen yet and this year with 'The Artist' winning a lot of big categories, it's more of the same. Haven't seen it, probably wouldn't think it's worth it. 

But what I do love about the Oscars is the day after when all the "What They Wore" and "Best & Worst Dressed" articles come out. Now, this is not going to be one of those posts, because one, you can see those all over and two, I'm really working on this new thing of being a better person and that includes not judging people and criticizing them for what they wore. Everyone looked great! Even if I don't really like them because I think they are a husband-stealing weirdo, oops... see? See how easy it is to judge? So, this is not a post about that. 

Instead, this is a fun post for me because I get to show you what I would have worn had I been invited to 'The Oscars'. Which is fun and completely void of judgmental thoughts and critiques. 

The Oscars

Theia evening dresses gown
$699 -

Theia evening dresses gown
$699 -

Stella McCartney high heel shoes
$836 -

Debut clutch handbag
£18 -

Effy Collection white gold flower ring
$3,540 -

First, what I would have worn to the event. I think the Academy Awards are all about elegance and sophistication. So this year, I would have worn this elegant teal sequin dress with black accents, smokey eyes makeup and chandelier earrings. 

Then, of course I would have been invited to a number of after-parties for which I would change into this little number:

The Oscars After-Party

RED Valentino cream cocktail dress
£175 -

Alejandro Ingelmo platform high heels
$495 -

Giuseppe Zanotti leather handbag
$795 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors turquoise ring
$95 -

Amrita Singh long earrings
$100 -

Sydney Evan 14 karat gold ring
£695 -

For the after-parties, I would have kept my teal color scheme but brightened it up a bit to a turquoise shade and paired it with a gold dress and nude pumps. 

I'm sure I would have made every "Best Dressed" list out there. ;) After all, this is my fantasy, lol. 

What about you? Do you watch the Oscars? What is your favorite part? Or do you not give a flip about the whole sha-bang?


  1. Ooh, love both of your outfits, definitely a best dressed winner! I watched the show - now wondering why - but the fashion is always the most fun.

  2. I love your picks for sure!!! The after party is my fav one though. ;-)
    I just love movies so much so I like to see who wins. Apparently Hugo was really good! Lol I do have to say that I now want to watch the artist. I love that decade of silent films and I think that was super brave to do during this generation of everything being fast and blowing things up lol

  3. i love both of your outfits!! seriously they are so cute regina. my favorite is the after party outfit. i watched the oscars for the fashions but you know what i wasn't too impressed. none of them really stood out to me very much i wasn't awed by any of the dresses

  4. You would have looked more glamourous than all of them from this year. I am making a Pinterest Board of all the gowns and have not yet found one I love.


  5. Love your picks! You've got great style!! I didn't watch the show. Mostly because I don't really care too much about celebs (and all the drama that goes with them). But I totally know what you mean about the husband stealing weirdo! I should really try to be a better person too and not judge! Lol!!


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