Monday, January 30, 2012

Photography Dabbler & a Decision

 Ahhh... the weekend. The only time when you can have one day of complete laziness followed by one day of complete busy-ness, and it's all okay in the end. :) 

This weekend, we were SUPER lazy on Saturday. I felt completely pathetic and unproductive by the end of the day, but then again, it was nice not doing anything. Although I did laundry. Because there's always laundry. 

Then Sunday we had church that morning, a potluck for lunch and then Sunday afternoon I drove to Levelland to do a photo shoot for one of our former youth group girls. She's graduating this May (sniff, sniff) and asked if I'd take some of her senior pictures. Of course I would. I was honored to be asked. I love dabbling in photography and am hoping to be able to buy a new fancy shmancy camera by the end of the year. *Fingers Crossed* We spent about 3 hours and had a lot of fun driving around, taking pictures and lots and lots of laughing. 

Except for one stop. When I took off into the brush (I was wearing toms and leggings mind you) and got my ankles all scratched up. Which is better than being eaten by a huge rat. Which M and her mom saw in the field so we ended up not shooting any pictures there at all. So I have battle scars for nothing now. ;) Oh well, it was still totally worth it. 

Anyway... here are some of my faves:

I found this effect on picnik that I'd never seen before. I think it's totally cool!

Not only am I an amateur photographer, I'm also a tree climber. Or in this case, an instructor or tree-climbing. She might have thought I was completely nuts, but these next few pictures turned out completely awesome! And we didn't even ruin her pants... which was her mom's concern. ;) 

One of my favorite all-time pics I've ever taken. It's so romantic. Like a Jane Austen tree angel. 

Another cool effect I found on picnik that I'd never used before. 
I love it! ♥♥♥

That's all for now... I might show off some more another time. ;) It was super fun and something I really enjoy. Maybe not for an all-the-time gig. But every now and then, it's totally fun!

We had to get these pictures done already because 1) we took some with her show sheep and she won't have them for much longer and 2) picnik is what I use to edit photos and with it closing (at least in the way we know it and are used to it) in April, we needed to get these done asap. 

And speaking of picnik closing.... 

I've been using picnik to make the collages for my shades of summer/autumn/winter series. Picnik doesn't have that option anymore. So I've been thinking about it all weekend and I've decided to discontinue that series. It was fun while it lasted, but for now, it's done. I will however be bringing back more "wishlists" which might be inspired by a photograph now and then. 

Anyway, that's that. 

Right now, I feel a little overwhelmed because I've got several projects I want to do. But I've also got a few things I need to do while I can still use picnik. I've got a couple of deadlines for myself and while I'm a month away from the first one, I'm still feeling the pressure. EEK! 

Which leads me to asking you all 2 questions:

1) What do you do to handle the pressure of deadlines and projects and all of that jazz? What helps you to get focused so you can actually be productive instead of just curling up in a ball on the couch and watching the DIY network because you don't know what to do or where to start? Not that I'm saying I've been doing that or anything... >.>

2) Does anyone have any suggestions of photo-editing sites that you've been using and love? 

I guess technically that's 3 questions. Or 2 1/2. 


  1. I actually have to have deadlines in order to be productive. If I don't have an external one I give myself a harsh timeline. Adrenaline is my

    Your photography is awesome. You did well at both taking and editing her pictures!! I use Picnik too so we'll see what happens over the next few months. I'm guessing other photo editors will try to get our attention.

  2. You did a wonderful job on the pics. I use Picnic too so Iam very sad they're leaving us.
    Ques. #1 - I make lists or if I'm working on a big event (shower, wedding, etc) I'll make a file with all the separate jobs that are needed to complete the job. i.e. a slot for food, guest list, games,decor, beverages)

    Ques.#2 If you hear of a good one, let me know.

  3. Heya...what a GREAT job you did on this young girl's photos! She's beautiful but you captured that beauty well.

    Stress managing: one step at a time. Breaking down the time leading up to the stressful event, making sure I have all my bases covered (ie: I'm prepared for what I'm tackling) is how I usually deal. It works for me!

    I LOVE using PhotoScape to play with photos. So fun!

    Popping in from the Etsy Blog Team...

  4. Wow Regina! The photos turned out great! I really like the ones of her standing next to that wooden wall. Gorgeous!! As for deadlines, I'm no help! I tend to procrastinate until I can't take it anymore. Then I bust out the project in a couple days. But that's probably not going to help you at all! If i was smart, I'd make little to-do lists to ease the pressure. But clearly, I haven't been that smart in the past! Lol!!

  5. I need a deadline or I don't get anything finished! LOL!
    I have Photoshop on my laptop- it came with it and I have no idea how to use it! I am trying, but it is so overwhelming...

  6. Regina, great job on the photos (my personal fave is the ones in the tree!) I'm so wishy-washy with deadlines..sometimes I can get my act together & jump right onto a project (usually when it involves others that helps motivate me) & other times I am a horrible procrasinator! Sometimes bribery works....bribe yourself that if you get your project done then you can treat yourself to a new lipstick, icecream, etc...


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