Wednesday, January 25, 2012

me: My A-Ha Moment

There we sat. In a restaurant we had never eaten at before. I'm not big on trying new places most of the time, but that's a story for a different post. I had let the hubby pick so there we sat. 

We were the first people in the restaurant for the day. And with the place to ourselves we started soaking everything in. Looking over the decor, reading all the gimmicky signs and sayings around us. Enjoying the amazing music they were playing. (Seriously, a place gets big points with us if they play good music and this place was playing some good music.) They delivered our "mafia queso" complete with tortilla chips and garlic bread. (This was an Italian restaurant with a Mexican flair. lol.) It was delicious. We kept scrutinizing everything and being critics of the food and such. I asked Joey what he thought the guy from Restaurant Impossible would say about this place. We imagined him bashing the decor, criticizing the food, and yelling at the wait staff. (Note: I love that show and don't think he's mean. But he comes across really rough and tough in the beginning of every episode. Just saying.) We chuckled to ourselves as we "acted out" what would be said and done about everything. 

I was checking twitter on my phone and came across a tweet from a blogger I follow that shared a link back to her most recent blog post. I started reading and it was crazy how the things she had blogged about were resonating with me. And not only that, how they paralleled to the conversation I was simultaneously having with the hubs. 

In Jennifer's blog, which you should go read right now and come back here so you'll have a better understanding of everything + her blog is wonderful and I know you'll like it too, she's talking about getting the "Blogger Blues". That wretched feeling that happens to all of us bloggers when we suddenly hate our own blog. I got it. I got what she was saying. I've been feeling a bit that way lately.... not that I necessarily *hate* my own blog, but just that it feels off. Like the whole design of it, really isn't the me-in-blog-form that I want it to be. And the posts have been so scattered and all over the place. I mean, I go from outing myself about PCOS to posting inspirational quotes a few days later. Wha-What?!?

I've been wanting to get a complete blog makeover, and as soon as I save up enough spare change, I'm totally doing that. But that's just the aesthetics. What about the material, the writing, the part of the blog that actually matters? Does that need a makeover as well? Or like in Restaurant Impossible, does it need more of an overhaul?

As I set there, at the table, talking with my husband and with the words and thoughts of Jennifer's blog bouncing around in my head, I had this a-ha moment. The thing is, this new (to us) restaurant that we were trying out, I really LOVED the queso. The salad was good, Joey loved his burger, I wasn't blown away by my pasta (I make better at home) but overall, it was a good place and we liked it. I'm sure we'll go back sometime to try out some different food (maybe the pizza) and see if it's good too. I'm not sure what Robert Irvine would say, but really, it doesn't matter. We liked it. We will go back until there's a reason not to anymore. 

When I realized that, I wondered what else in my life would I like, even love, even if the "professionals" or the "ones with opinions that we listen to" didn't like or love it? Have we, as a society, and me, as a person and blogger gone so far into this judgmental society that we feel we must critique everything? How many movies have I LOVED that bombed at the box office? How many singers do I listen to all the time that maybe wouldn't have made it past the auditions on American Idol? 

And in relating to my blog, I don't have 10,000 followers. Heck, I don't even have 1,000, or 500! But it's okay. Every week I get more followers. And I'm thankful for every single follower I get. It's okay if I'm not as big as The Bloggess, because you're here, you're reading this and I enjoyed writing it. 

Back to Jennifer's blog, she ended her blog with 4 wonderful tips for helping you refocus your blog. Excellent advice. And it made me think, of course, about my own blog and what it is that my blog is about. Why am I doing this? Well, the short of it is this: I started for one reason (because I felt I was supposed to as an Etsy shop owner), fell in love with it for a million other reasons (I love writing, I love meeting new people and hearing their thoughts and ideas, this could go on forever). I'm a woman of many likes, many interests and since you're supposed to write what you know, I write about all of my many likes and interests. It's what I know. And the great thing is, I'm growing everyday. Becoming more and more the person I want to be, more of who I truly am. The posts I write are posts that interest me. The blogs I read are blogs that interest me.

It's okay if I never reach 10,000 followers. It's okay if they never make a movie about me and my blog (although if they do I want Emma Stone to play me because I totally love her). It's okay, because my blog is like an extension of myself. It's not just a part of me, in many ways it's me... just in HTML format. 

As for the Blogger Blues that Jennifer addresses? Well, I get over those by reminding myself that as long as I'm true to myself, as long as I'm churning out good writing about things that I know and love, then that's all I can ask of myself. This is not a blog about food, or photography or DIY ideas. This is a blog about all those things because I am about all those things. That's the rather long, and also somewhat short of it. It doesn't matter if my blog wouldn't make it even onto the audition stage at Blog Idol.  

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Jennifer's asking for tips on how you beat the Blogger Blues. Stop by her blog and leave some advice there. You don't know who you may be helping and how much. As for me, I just want to know one thing: Why do you blog?


  1. Beautiful post and story! I also read Jennifer's post and she made some good points.

    I think you're right, it's good to let go of the judgement in life and just enjoy things for what they are. It doesn't matter really what the professionals think, just what we as individuals think. Most of my favourite movies weren't very popular at the box office either!

    PS I also love cafes and restaurants that play good music :) Definitely adds to the atmosphere!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. Nathalie ( 26, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    Thank you for such a sweet and interesting post Regina! I also red Jennifer's Post yesterday and it made me smile... like yours did today.
    Like many others out there, I have been dreaming about starting my own blog.
    Well, 3+ years later, I still haven't done it... too scared to not be good enough --- i.e not as good as the Blog Goddesses I follow ---.
    Thanks again!
    I love your blog

  3. Well said my friend! I guess we all struggle with finding our own voice but if everything you put on your blog is something that's a part of you or something you are proud of then nothing else matters. I just read Nathalie's comment above & it breaks my heart that she thinks she isn't good enough to start a blog!! Go for it girl!

  4. Great post Regina! I think most, if not all bloggers get the "Blogger blues" at some point. I know I do! I struggle a lot with trying to fit my blog into a certain category. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't write about my faith if I've been focusing on crafts lately. Or that readers looking for DIYs aren't going to be interested in fashion posts. But I really like what you said, that your blog is about you and your likes and interests. I usually end up taking a blog break for a few days, then when I come back to it, I feel a lot more enthusiastic about sharing what's going on in my life. Again, great post!! :)


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