Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Link-Up : I should get an award for how bad this date was...

Hi y'all! Today I'm linking up with Neely for the Valentine's Day Challenge and today's topic is Worst Date Ever. I've had some good dates and I've also had some pretty rough ones. One was so bad, I seriously cannot even post it here because it's definitely not rated G. JERKFACE!!! Never talked to him again! But for this post, I think I've got a pretty good one... 

It was about 6 years ago. I was living in Oklahoma City, going to college at UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) in Edmond. The church I was attending had a good sized college group and I had hung out with this one certain guy a couple of times... once in a group setting playing volleyball and once one-on-one at IHOP for a homework session. We chatted online and what not and things seemed to be going really well. He finally asked me out on an actual date and I was excited. I was thinking this might actually lead to something. Awesome. YAY! You know, thoughts like that. 

So, we picked a day, a time, and I was really looking forward to this. The day of the date arrived and I was even more excited. I was all dressed up, casually cool, ya know, and was waiting for him to pick me up. And I waited. And I waited. Finally I called him and he told me he was on his way. 45 minutes late, he finally showed up. I asked him what had taken him so long and he said he had to stop and get gas. Really. He had the world's slowest gas pump, apparently. 

Needless to say, I was already a little annoyed when he arrived, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and still went out with him. We were supposed to go to dinner and a movie (I know, completely original) but now we were too late for that. So he decided we could just eat in the food court at the mall (the movie theater is in the mall so I guess this justified his reasoning) to save some time. We picked one of the diners and that's when he told me he didn't have much money on him. (Which was very interesting since one of the times we had talked in person he had told me about this settlement he had gotten years ago and how he wouldn't have to worry about money for a long time.) So... I paid for my own meal. Food court Chinese food. Every girl's dream. 

After some awkward conversation over dinner, we finished up and decided to go to a movie. (Why I gave him so many chances, I have no idea...) We get in line and he tells me that he has this coupon for a discounted movie ticket. But that it's only good for certain movies. The movie it was good for at that particular time? Ice Age 2. And while I have nothing against the Ice Age movies, I had just never seen the first one or really wanted to watch the 2nd one at the time. But whatever. He paid for the portion of my ticket that wasn't covered by his coupon (at least he got that, right?) and we went in. 

During the movie, there was some conversation. It made up a little bit for the awkward dinner conversation, and although I was annoyed from the overall date, it did help a bit. After the movie we talked and laughed on the way to his truck and things didn't seem to awful at that point. 

When we get to his truck he turns to me and says that it's not really too late and asked if I'd like to go to the lake. (Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, which is only like 10-15 minutes from the movies and one of my favorite places in all of Oklahoma City.) I'm not sure why, but I said yes. Maybe it was the hopeless romantic in me. Maybe it was just my wishful thinking that this guy I liked might have just been off that day and that sitting and talking by the lake would make up for everything. 


We get out to the lake and we sit down facing the water. Things are nice and we start talking about various things but then, he decides to drop the bomb. Sitting there, under the stars, at one of my favorite places ever, on OUR date, he decides to tell me he's still in love with his ex and that they're talking about getting back together. 

He then wants to weasel out of his guilty feelings by talking to me about how torn he is and how this is so hard for him... blah. blah. blah. 

It's at that point that I have FINALLY had enough and stand up and start walking towards his truck. He chases after me, apologizing profusely and I quietly get in and ask him to take me home. We get back to my apartment, he parks the truck, turns to me and starts in again about how hard this is for him, how much he loves her, how he doesn't know what to do. I remember mumbling something about thanks for ruining my night by wasting my time, then I slammed the door of his truck as hard as I could and stormed up the stairs to my apartment. 


Worst. Date. Ever. 


  1. This cracked me up!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe he had the nerve to talk about his ex on a date with another girl! Ridiculous!! I've never really been on a bad date, but that's probably because I've been on only like 3 dates before. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! The only bad experience I remember was going out with this one guy and having a great time on our date, only to have him never talk to me again! And to make things worse, we worked in the same building but not the same department. Everytime I would see him after our date, he would totally go the other way like he was avoiding me! Talk about screwing with my head! But it all turned out ok in the end because a few weeks later I went out with another guy... and we've been together for almost 4 years now! Actually I'm kinda glad it didn't work out with that jerk! Lol!

  3. You had a food court date too? Did we go out with the same guy? :) How awful for him to go on and on about his ex when he's with you! Not ok!

  4. Ha ha! What an idiot. He shouldn't have gone at all if he was still pining for this other girl. At least you have a good story to tell!

  5. I'm sorry the food court part had me falling over in my chair & the topper is he didn't even pay! Gosh, I always went from one long term relationship to another so I can't say I really had any bad dates. I know one time as a Freshman (I don't even constitute this as a date!)I was leaving my bf's house & realized I forgot something so instead of knocking on the door my friend & I thought it would be funny to tap on his basement bedroom window....for someone reason I started tapping with my foot and before you know it my foot goes through his window!! We were young & stupid & I was afraid of his mom so we ran! He never talked to me again...LOL

  6. oh my gosh what a worse date. ugh so sorry regina you got treated like this. he obviously has no idea how to date a girl, maybe that is why he was trying to get back with his ex. seriously food court, ugh and he didn't even pay!! loser face

  7. HAHA! That is truly awful!
    Well, one of my worst dates ever was this guy took me to the Sears Craftsman department (of which I had terrible childhood memories of being bored there for HOURS on end) then to McDonalds where we sat in the kid section by the TV with cartoons playing and "conveniently" ran into my ex-boyfriend and another friend of theirs (later I found out it was the ex's idea to meet there and at the time I was so annoyed I didn't even get anything to eat) followed by spotting for deer. And he had the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend on the ride home! Can you believe I turned him down? He then proceeded to show up at my house almost every night for the next two weeks, and instead of calling the cops like I should have, I let him win me over and later married him. :)


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