Friday, January 20, 2012

inspiration/goodies : shades of winter f7:w11

Hi y'all! HAPPY FRIDAY! You survived another work week, YAY! Good job, you!

You know what I hate? Spam. I hate Spam emails, convos on Etsy and I especially hate spam test messages. I also hate getting spam calls. Whether on my home phone or cell phone, I hate it. It's so annoying! UGH! 

But anyway, you know what I love? My shades of winter series. 

What a great segue huh? I could be a news anchor... ;) 

Here it is, this week's feature of my shades of winter series and I have to say, I love these cool, calming colors. ;) 

shades of winter : f7:w11

This week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph:

| collage by yours truly |
Did you notice the fly? Look again. 
This is a lovely photograph and would definitely be great art in your home for the winter months. Does anyone switch out their home decor according to seasons? I'm not talking about holiday decor like putting up a tree or a garland for Valentine's Day. I'm talking about switching out throw pillows, knick-knacks, rugs, art work, etc. based on the season? I'm just curious. It's something I'd like to do. Mainly because I love freshening things up. I haven't started it yet, but I'm hoping to eventually. 

Okay, enough babbling from me, on to some wonderful goodies inspired by the lovely shades of blue from this photograph:  

Aren't those lovely?? I don't have an infinity scarf yet, but I'm definitely thinking of getting one soon. And maybe for Christmas presents next year... ;) See how obsessed with Christmas I am? I'm already planning for the next one. Only 339 days to go!

Also... I just wanted to add that I've got some new listings in my own Etsy shop, Live Delightfully. Some lovely headbands in some classic Valentine's Day Inspired colors:

Top Left : Large Bow in Ruby - $7
Bottom Left : Small Bow in Ruby - $5

I also got around to editing my color availability on each listing so now you can see all the available colors that you can order a headband in. LOTS of choices!

Also, have you noticed the new header on my blog? It's okay if you missed it. I only tweaked it a bit. ;) I also tweaked my blog button available in my right sidebar. If you have my previous button on your blog, you might update it if you'd like.

And coming next week... a new short-term series is in the works:

I'm pretty excited! Get ready! 

Okay, I think that's all for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wonderful selection!!!! Thank you very much :)))

    1. Gorgeous collection, the color palette is so beautiful! Thank you for including my scarf with all these goodies :)

  2. Come on blogger... WORK!

    PRETTY choices! :)

    I hate spam, too. We got a call (our umpteenth "final notice" at 1:30am the other night! My husband even waited to talk to someone so he could give them a piece of his half-asleep mind, and they hung up!


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